Monday, July 1, 2019

10th Edition of Montréal Complètement Cirque is set to amaze July 4 to 14!

Photo by Andrew Miller
The 'City of Festivals' is going to be LIT in July!

There is no mystery that I consider Montreal, Quebec one of my favorite cities to visit in the world. Whether it’s for the food, culture, historical architecture, the sound of French being spoken as freely as English, or the arts, I don’t need much of an excuse to explore this amazing metropolis. Addressing the latter attraction, the annual Montreal Jazz Fest has had me return at least six times, and while its 40th birthday is going on during my visit the first week of July, it’s the 10th Edition of Montréal Complètement Cirque that has me literally strutting to my direct Delta flight to the “City of Festivals.” For 11 days from July 4 to 14, more than 425,000 will flock from all over the world and join me to revel in the magic Montreal has produced over the years. This official website description gives us an even better idea of what’s in store:

Photo by Andrew Miller
MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE is a Festival that brings people together across the city every July with a stunning circus program. For 11 days, Montreal moves to the rhythm of circus arts. Its venues, streets, parks, and sidewalks become stages to showcase colorful, high-flying performances from here and around the world.
An event not to be missed, MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE presents diversity in all its forms and expressions by creating moments where the most talented artists from the circus world come together to perform.
Created in 2010, it is the result of a collective dream that brings together TOHU—the project’s driving force—along with the support of Cirque Éloize, Les7 doigts de la main, Cirque du Soleil, the National Circus School, and En Piste. Together, they pooled their expertise, resources and will to create the first North American international festival dedicated to circus arts.

And as if I needed another excuse to be in Montreal, the city just so happens to be hosting Cirque du Soleil’s 35th anniversary as well! Sheesh! (They are also coming to Atlanta in October for their Volta production, so go here for more information.)
And with that, here is a link to more information, how to get tickets, and when indoor and free outdoor performances are taking place here. Hopefully you too can be a part of this historic event, but if not, I will definitely be documenting my visit. Be sure to follow my Montreal adventures on Instagram, Twitter, because honestly, with Montreal, it's not work, it’s a labor of love.
Au revoir!

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Meeting the Reverend Al Sharpton meant so much.

I am still on a high after meeting the man I pay homage to 
every time I am referred to as Ale Sharpton.

After my awesome Forbes article written by Gary Stoller went viral this past Wednesday, I was floored by the positive response and praises from my followers, family, friends, and even strangers who simply wanted to show me love. I truly appreciated it. And then it happened: I got a message from a PR representative of the Reverend Al Sharpton requesting my presence; he happened to be in Atlanta for the African American Leadership Summit. After reading the article documenting my great respect for him explaining why I named myself Ale Sharpton, the Reverend wanted to link, take pictures with me, and show support for my endeavors. You know I was tripping! I always wanted to meet him in person and tell him what the article stated and it actually was happening. I honestly didn't know what to expect but was ready to embrace whatever. I wasn't missing this. 
When we linked up at his headquarters on the West End, I gave Reverend a big hug and he asked me questions about me, including upbringing, schooling, and what motivated me to be "Ale." I broke it down, then we took some pics, and then he was off to catch a flight. He was sharp, very polite, showed no celebrity arrogance, no shunning of alcohol consumption (he doesn't drink), or straight-up negative energy. Most importantly, it was his official validation of using the Sharpton name. It was a very cool, chill vibe. He went on to post it on his Instagram, I did the same the next morning here, and we both followed up by Tweets here and here, and Facebook posts. God is amazing.
Photo by Andrea Janise.
I am looking forward to building as Ale Sharpton and continue the journey of helping make the craft beer industry a great, enlightening, industrious, and inclusive one, while meeting great people along the way. 
And for you reading this, thanks for riding along with me. I couldn't do it without you. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Check out what Creature Comforts has poppin' in June!

Creature goes big with cans, has a new gangster BA Stout, 
and a tap room full of deliciousness!
Photos are all Creature's.

I have been traveling heavy if you can tell from my Instagram, and had a blast recently in Ann Arbor. Please check out my #cruisinforabrewsinannarbor hashtag for all the dope spots I hit up while there.
Anyway, here I am back in ATL and this announcement caught my eye off the bat! No doubt, packaging in 16-ounce cans are the thing now, so Athens, GA’s Creature Comforts made it imperative to jump in on the fun with their legendary Thor-lovin’ Tropicalia and crushable Classic City Lager in four-pack tall boys June 1st. They also have a new Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout called Life in Flux from its recently expanded wood cellar at 13%; it’s encased in a 750-mL bottle flaunting their always consistent eye-poppin’ artwork.
Last, their taproom has a gangster list for those lucky enough to be there. Check it here!
Peep the info on everything straight from the source below.
What a 5th year CC is having!

The new BAIS 'Flux' joint looks fuego! 
Creature Comforts says:

16oz Cans Available this June! 
Starting June 1st 4-packs of 16-ounce cans of Creature Comforts' year-round offerings, Tropicália and Classic City Lager, will be available. The cans will be released from the brewery's tasting room on June 1st and in the market shortly following the onsite release. Tropicália cans will be offered in Athens only for the initial launch, and Classic City Lager will be in the Athens and Atlanta markets.

From the wood cellar: Life in Flux
Creature Comforts Brewing Company's next limited release from its recently expanded wood cellar, Life in Flux, will debut this June. Life in Flux will be available in 750mL bottles from the brewery’s tasting room June 1st.

Life in Flux is a blended imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels at 13% ABV. The brewery blended select barrels from its wood cellar that best represent the beauty of its current whiskey barrel-aged stout collection. The blend consists of stouts ranging from 17-25 months in barrels. Creature Comforts plans to release a blend of Life in Flux annually. The intent for each vintage is to represent a snapshot of the brewery’s barrels from a specific moment in time.
More information about Life in Flux can be found here!

Kick Off Summer at Creature Comforts

We're excited to announce we're kicking off the start of summer with several releases from our tasting room on June 1! Check out our website here for all the info!


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Here is the video from the Piano Keys pouring at Argosy in ATL!

Evidently, this celebration pouring my Piano Keys Imperial Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Stout collaboration with New Belgium, and fellow brewing friends Crowns & Hops, Hopstix, Down Home, Khonso, and Arches at the Argosy on March 21st, was LIT! 
Thanks for everyone for coming through! A special thanks goes to Crowns for hosting this with me. 

It's Hip-Hop Trivia's Anniversary!

If you know your hip hop, 
come prove it this Friday at Aisle 5!