Saturday, October 9, 2010

This weekend has been nuts so far!

Hey Brew Crew!
Toasting to y'all while sippin' a Great Divide Rumble IPA in an awesome brewery's glass from Toronto, Steam Whistle! Cheers to Stone ( who took the flick!
My birthday has been off the chain like broke bike pedals! The thing is, what really made it shine were the amount of visits to this site. It's overwhelming which shows that there's love for Ale and, ultimately, a beer revolution going on that we're all a part of. Der Biergarten's video was a hit so big ups to them too!
Once I recoup, look for the weekend recap on Monday. My bday started really on Thursday at 5 Seasons Prado (thanks Dennis, Randy and your O'Dempsey's brews!!!), but as midnight hit, things were official!
I appreciate the hits, fam. You will always be welcome in Ale's house, so leave comments or things happening and I've got you covered. Cool?
Let's continue spreading the word about the world's greatest beverage, beer!


  1. Word up! - Happy Bday wknd & many blessings to you as the New year comes up! ...Site rocks hard!
    peace peace, M-Oh!