Friday, November 19, 2010

Ale is kickin' it in LA

Hey Brew Crew,
I am in LA and I am hyped up to try some of the Cali brews I love and visit a few awesome spots my fellow beer sippers recommended I check out. The minute I get there, my laptop does a Whodini in the airport. Someone stole my sh*t! Long story, but in the end, it felt like a hangover every morning I remembered it was gone.
Regardless, that didn't stop my cruisin' for a brewsin'. I went to a spot called Yard House in a happening Times Square-ish downtown area called LA Live. It was awesome! 140 something taps of killer brews, sports and great bar grub (the bbq chicken pizza was nuts!). So good, in fact, I went back twice with homies who live in town and one other, photographer Kat Goduco, who just moved out here from Atlanta two days ago!
Tonight, I am not sure, but during the day, my dude Kevin will be showing me some more crazy clubs. I am still recouping from last night's craziness, partying with the Black Eyed Peas at a spot called My Studio on Hollywood Blvd. They weren't drinking brews, tho.
I told Will.I.Am that my favorite thing they did was when the were breaking at the end of the "Joints, Jam" video.
Peep the end of this vid:

He talked about how much they have grown since then, but I was like, you are trippin'. Be proud of that sheezy! He was downplaying it but hey. I sipped a Stella and listened to his philosphy on going pop. He was definitely an eccentric cat.
Anyways, stay tuned for flicks from this trip that has been pretty freakin' memorable. I will post up images as soon as I score another laptop. And who stole my laptop, it's coming back to you, you bastard!
Oh yeah! My boy Maurice Garland has a super dope site on drinking called He showed your homey Ale Sharpton some love as well. Check it out here!


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