Monday, January 10, 2011

'The Michigan Invasion': Rockin' times at The Porter!

The Atlanta Beer Mafia commences at The Porter. Salute!

L to R, me, Steve, Lee and Ronnie give Michigan props at The Porter!
Okay, we had lots to sip on to bring in the New Year and then the recuperating process so that the first work week of 2011would go according to plan. But as soon as the weekend arrived, I hit up The Porter Beer Bar in Little 5 on Friday the 9th, sharp! They hosted a "Michigan Invasion" where select craft breweries from the "Great Lakes State" including Grand Rapids' Founder's, Short's out Bellaire (which doesn't distribute to Georgia yet), and Bell's out of Galeburg showed off their cutsomers' favorites and hard-to-finds by the tap. It was a no-brainer for us beer nuts to drink everything from Short's highly revered Key Lime Pie, Bell's Batch 10,000 (see "I'm Baaaaaack!" ) and one of my faves, the Founder's Breakfast Stout. It was like a reunion of the Atlanta Beer Mafia with my homey Lee, the Brick Store Beer Manager; Owen Olgeltree, the founder of Classic City Brew; Terrapin Brewery's rep, Steve; the legendary beer scribe Bob Townsend; crazy-ass beer lover, Ronnie; and Reid the ATL BeerMaster to name a few. We had a ball!
Oh! And the Porter's damn delicious cheeseburger broke my year's hiatus for eating red meat (and two-year break from the swine thanks to the bacon served on top extra crispy). Take a gander to the right. It was well worth it! I haven't had one this good since Holman & Finch's.
Anyway, I had to bounce at a respectable hour since a Downtown Decatur pub crawl with my homies Jen O'Connell & Co., was on deck for the next day (follow her on Twitter here). It was still an awesome Friday! Stay warm, especially if you are in the South right now!

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