Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ale touches down in Montreal!

La Chouffe on the ave in downtown Montreal.
They don't give bags because "it's my liberty to carry a bottle" uncovered!

Hey Sippers!
I am working on blessing this site with another entry regrading my coverage of Montreal for the off-the-chain Nuit Blanche happening on Saturday. I just touched down and made it a priority to go to one of my favorite spots, NYK'S Bistro and Pub, to grab a Unibroue Maudite on tap and wolf down some escargot (yes the awesome snail dish), which they serve with a heap of melted cheese on top.
Don't sleep on the snails!
On the way back to my hotel, I grabbed $6 bottle of La Chouffe Blonde out of Belgium (8 percent abv), hit the room and got online to do this brief update. After checking my email, another cool website, this time Rolka Nation's Brewery, gave me super cool shout out here. I truly appreciate the love as this further proves that the beer world is all about hoisting a pint with your fellow man (or woman) and never hatin'! Thanks a lot, Rolka! That's what 's up!
Okay, time to catch one of the greatest rivalries in hockey, the Montreal Canadiens taking on the Toronto Maple Leafs, one block away. I wish I had tickets but one of these crazy ass sports bars will have to do.
Stay tuned for more Quebec craziness.

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