Saturday, February 12, 2011

Früli Strawberry Beer: Perfect for the ladies...and haters!!

Hey Brew Crew!

Okay, so that dude with the curly fro, wings, and bow and arrow is coming for us on Monday, and a friend of mine asked a pretty interesting question regarding beer to prepare for Valentine’s Day: My girl said that part of my Valentine’s present would be to finally give beer another try and drink one. What should I pick?

The perfect beer for a happy home!
Now before I begin, I want to give a little disclaimer: Not all women like the sweet stuff. I have kicked it with female imbibers who have ordered the same intense, high gravity, robust brews I do and can drink me under the table if they wanted to. But from experience, fruity beers tend to ease women and non-beer drinkers into our world of ales and lagers. Plus, it's the whole macho thing sometimes with the fellas. Cool? Okay.
Now as for my boy with the question, I thought that was a pretty cool gift on her part to try once more to sip what her man is fond of—beer. I would say don’t scare her off with a hoppy, high-gravity barley wine or imperial IPA, or else there would be a good chance that she would continue haytin’ on the suds. To ensure a nice Valentine’s Day, blow her mind with an ale that’s sweet, full of fruity flavor and in my opinion, the perfect gateway to a more open mind to trying others. Get her this awesome beer called Früli (“Frew-lee” is my best guess), a Belgian brew that is a blend of white beer and real strawberry juice. At 4.1 percent alcohol by volume, it is similar to those citrusy, unfiltered wheat beers that are great for spring and summer drinking sessions, but with an explosion of strawberry goodness. Now I am more of a hop head and love the imperials, but Früli is the go-to brew for naysayers who simply don't like anything remotely bitter, strong or hearty. Want proof?

I was chilling with my cousin in Toronto and she said she “hated beer.” Now I despise that line because it’s like saying “I hate music” when there are so many different styles to listen to; there’s so many types of beer, so you can’t hate all of them, you feel me? Anyway, I saw a bottle of Früli with a big strawberry on it in a brew store. I never saw this 250 ml bottle with a top crowned with white foil. The words “Strawberry Beer” and “Belgium” sold me, so I rolled the dice and bought her one. Sure enough, the dark red appearance maintained a nice head that breathed the smell of fresh strawberries, which collectively cracked a smile through her face fixed with premeditated disappointment. After her first sip, my cuz looked like her boyfriend proposed to her or something. She was blown away by the fruit intensity and has since tried Lambics, wheat beers and now, amazingly, even stouts! So hey, save money on a ring and get your lady, or any beer hater for that matter, a Früli and see what happens.

The only problem is finding one. In Atlanta, I made an amazing discovery at Hop City (1000 Marietta Street, Atlanta Georgia, 404.350.9998) where you can get it in a four-pack or a single. They are a tad pricey at about $12.99 for the four, but well worth it, trust me! I also called Green's on Ponce De Leon (737 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, 404.872.1109) and they said they have it, plus my man Eric at Tower Beer, Wine and Spirits on Piedmont (2161 Piedmont Road, 404.881.0301) is slinging the Früli, so you should be well on your way to a happy home. In the ATL, at least!



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