Monday, May 9, 2011

A sneak peek of Wild Heaven Craft Beers' new bottles!

Reppin’ Decatur, Ga., Wild Heaven goes glass today!

Brewing company Wild Heaven Craft Beers and I go way back! Well, at least since Founder Nick Purdy and Brewmaster Eric Johnson officially launched the draft versions of their new venture in September of 2010.  They were one of the first postings on here, and since then, their dynamic duo—the Belgian Golden Ale, Invocation (8.5 percent ABV; 48 IBUs), and the Imperial Brown Ale called Ode To Mercy (8.2%; 40 IBUs)—have been kicking ass ever since!
The Invocation wowed first-time sippers at the launch party of the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival on the rooftop of White Provisions last year, and since then, the demand for both lines (followed by the Ode To Mercy Special Winter Ale) in restaurants, bars and pubs have been beyond expectations throughout Georgia and parts of Alabama including Birmingham. Now it’s May 9, 2011, and it’s time to go bottle-style; Thomas Creek Brewery out in Greenville, S.C. remains the source for both contract brewing and packaging Wild Heaven’s product until next year. Decatur, Ga. will be the future home sometime in 2012. In the meantime, Nick is continuing to demonstrate his allegiance for particularly “The Dec” by introducing the four-packs of both brews at renowned brew store Ale Yeah! (906 W College Ave, Decatur GA 30030; 404-371-4331) today at 5 p.m.
Ode To Mercy

As for the bottle designs, both labels are painted by Adam Houston from Bridge Creative out of Roswell, Ga. The Ode justly shows a seated gent playing the guitar since the name of the brew was inspired by Nick’s favorite song “Ode To Mercy,” written by the remarkably multi-talented Wild Heaven brewmaster, Eric. The Invocation makes sense as well, a painting of a monk, honoring the great robed brewers in Belgium who birthed the ale’s style. Check ‘em ouuuuuuut!
In an exclusive interview with Nick, he said, “We waited to do bottles because people who have been doing this longer than me have said you don’t want to put your beers in packages until people are asking for it. Now, fortunately, that is the case. The first order for beer has already been presold by our distributor so it looks like there is a good bit of demand.” He continued, “I’m really excited because by getting our beer in bottles, it makes it more tangible for people; it makes it a lot easier to share us, talk about us and associate our logo with us. The brewery will hopefully be a lot more known rather quickly.”

Look for Wild Heaven's logo: a glass with angel wings. It's about to be all over Georgia and beyond, thanks to bottles.

Congrats, Nick and Eric!


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