Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Night Brewing is coming, well, Monday!

From Bible study to brews, it's Monday Night Brewing!

When I finally got the chance to take Jonathan Baker’s offer to visit one of the weekly shindigs his Monday Night Brewing crew put on to showcase their homebrewing in the backyard of CEO and Brewmaster Jeff Heck, I had an absolute ball and couldn’t wait to write about it (click here for the throwback). Jonathan, the MNB marketing guy and self-proclaimed “Master of Mind Control” was on point in saying they truly had some good suds.  
In between sips of their IPA, we loosely discussed how this once Bible study group (which also includes  MNB head of operations, Joel Iverson) could possibly take their ales, awesome marketing campaign and amazing story overall to the next level. That was almost a year ago. Now, after seeing Jonathan at a local distributor's trade show a few months ago pouring his brewery’s product followed by this recent announcement—“We’re about to launch. So loosen your ties, Atlanta”— it’s on!
The J-Crew: Jonathan, Joel and Jeff
Yep, the ATL is blessed with yet another brewery that will launch their first growlers of the Eye Patch Ale and  Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale fittingly next Monday, August 8th at 5:30 p.m. The location will be the recently voted #12 beer store in the nation, Hop City, located in the “Beermuda Triangle” of Atlanta just west of downtown. (Congrats!) But why Hop City?
“We’ve bought supplies from them for brewing test batches,” they said, regarding choosing Hop City as their launch pad. “They’ve provided input on our test batches to make the beers even better. Plus, growlers! We aren’t bottling beer yet, but this will allow you to take some home to enjoy.”
Jon and the rest of the Monday homies will be there to “to answer questions about the beer, give unsolicited advice on your wardrobe, give creepy back massages, etc.” That is straight from their press release. They are wild cats!
Anyway, when I personally talked to Jonathan yesterday, he told me about the Monday Night venture, “It's exciting for us to see our beers finally making it to market, from what started in a garage with a group of guys brewing on Monday nights. We've put almost five years into this business—perfecting our recipes, growing relationships, and all those little things it takes to get off the ground. We're not quite sure where this journey will end, but it begins on Monday nights. We hope to contribute in even a small way to the growing craft beer scene in Atlanta and the Southeast.”

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