Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Red Brick's Vanilla Gorilla Porter: Gangster!

I haven't given out a "Gangster" rating since the Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. It's time for another one. 

I will make this plain and simple: Get this brew that comes out today. It is the best porter I have ever had.

Bob Townsend chillin'
at Deckard's
This is the Brick Mason Vanilla Gorilla Porter by local brewery Red Brick (Atlanta Brewing Company). I had the initial version on tap but once it was bottled and chilled out for a minute, the subtle hickory notes coming from the smoked Madagascar vanilla beans hooked up by local BBQ spot Fox Bros., smoothed out with chocolaty goodness all aged in Jack Daniels whiskey oak barrels for six months resulted in one fantastic concoction of deliciousness at 7.8% abv.

Excited about the latest edition of the popular and potent Brick Mason Series (the third after their Double IPA and 16th Anniversary), I had the chance to get a  preview bottle of the Vanilla Gorilla over the weekend thanks to my main man Richard over there and I needed time to just come back down from my high. Plus, with all of the Oktoberfest activities going on including swinging times at both Der Biergarten and Deckard's (thanks for the hospitality homies!), along with kicking it with fellow beer writer Bob Townsend, I wanted to save the praises for this fantastic porter upon the day of its release. See, usually I skip this style and go straight to the typically more thicker, aggressive stouts, but this porter brought me back. Call around, find out where the hell it is and scoop up a four-pack. You did ATL proud RB. Well done!
Drinking from der boot @ Der Biergarten 

And if you disagree, I will happily take the remaining three off your hands for free. I doubt this will be the case though.


Your homey,

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