Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Moonshine and Prohibition in one day. A Coincidence?

Happy Hump Day!
Today has been pretty eventful including being a part in the filming of the upcoming Trends With Benefits feature on TBS this morning. It was on moonshine so, of course, they wanted us to taste and learn what this historically controversial spirit was all about. Since DBA Barbecue is a prime source for a gang of moonshine variations, we had to taste asome that they serve on the regular in the Virginia-Highlands. I am not a huge liquor guy, but I had to at least be open-minded enough to see how good his stuff was. I can't front, the little bit I tried was very interesting and tasty. Especially when they had one called The Bart mixed with Whynatte, a tasty moonshine called Catdaddy (pictured above) and the Jailhouse Breakout Stout! Make sure you check DBA out. The owner, Matt, is a nut!
Anyway, I am about to go this extraordinary, eclectic dinner and spirit pairing at Atkins ParkAtlanta’s oldest continuously licensed tavern. It's themed around the Prohibition Era and should be a ball. Luckily, everything being served is legal! I will be back with some flicks tomorrow. Wait! Moonshine? Prohibition? I guess I am living the illegal life today, huh? Oh well! I will back on the brew tip tomorrow, trying that new Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout at Leon's Full Service. My ride (You know I'm not driving!) is waiting on a brother. 

Atlanta’s Oldest Continuously Licensed Tavern Hosts Prohibition Dinner and 1920s-Themed Party

Atkins Park Tavern in Virginia-Highland is turning 90 years old next month and in honor of its anniversary, the restaurant will host a special Prohibition Dinner on Wednesday, February 29 and a Prohibition Party on Thursday, March 8.
“The restaurant industry and the neighborhood have changed so much since I first took ownership of Atkins Park Tavern, and I really just want this to be a fun celebration of how long we’ve been a part of the Atlanta neighborhood scene,” says Atkins Park Tavern Owner Warren Bruno.
The Prohibition Dinner begins at 7 p.m. on February 29 and will feature four cocktails paired with four plates, including the following:
  • Speakeasy snacks such as Devils on Horseback, Welsh rarebit, deviled eggs and salt roasted nuts paired with Black Velvet
  • Clams Casino paired with Terrapin cask conditioned rye pale ale (brewed with orange peel by Terrapin Owner/Brewmaster Spike Buckowski)
  • Medallions of lamb, sauce chasseur and asparagus au gratin pared with an Old Fashioned
  • Chocolate Charlotte with burnt almond caramel paired with a Mint Julep

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