Friday, February 10, 2012

The Weather Channel and NBC show me love!

Check your homey out on the Weather Channel, plus a link to me on NBC, my Valentine's Day Gift Guide for brew lovers, and Ten Tips on how to not play yourself at a beer festival below!

Maaaaaaaan, things have been pretty damn surreal for a bro lately! As camera shy as I am (Yeah, right!), I was asked to talk about Winter Beers and particularly the upcoming Winter Beer Carnival. All of a sudden I'm on NBC and, get this, the Weather Channel! There is no mystery regarding my aspirations for producing and hosting my own show, Cruisin' For A Brewsin' because I friggin' love beer along with the people and places associated with it, so being featured on the Weather Channel here and NBC affiliate 11Alive here was truly a blessing. 
With 11Alive, I kicked with my homey and Ormsby's Co-Owner Mike aka "Goot" rapping about the 158 different beers at the Carnival (see if there are still tickets if you happened to miss Ale Sharpton's Last Minute Valentine's Day-Or Any Damn Day-Gift Guide), Ormsby's grub, and my Ten Tips for enjoying beer festivals. All of sudden cameraman Marc Richardson and 11Alive show up! Okay, it wasn't exactly like that, but everything was seemingly a blur. After we were filmed throwing back a pint of SweetWater Exodus and shootin' the breeze, I got busy on the shuffleboard table with my brother Lamont, Kate from Modern Luxury, Suong from Melissa Libby PR (you don't want none!), and some other super cool folks. That game is addictive especially when you have a brew in hand! 
'The forecast calls for some
good ass beer on the way!'
And then I get the call from my girl Caren West that the Weather Channel wants to talk about Winter Beer! How clever is that? I said "Hell, yeah!" and looked forward to chillin' in their headquarters based in northwest of Atlanta hopefully sippin' an Imperial Stout on air with the staff. Well, it was close. We popped a bottle from my private stash, the delicious and silky Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, poured it, and discussed my love for this time of year regarding robust, dark and potent lagers and ales. Man, it was such an awesome experience! Now I will make sure to flip channels between watching the Lakers and the Weather Channel... sometimes.
For everyone who watched these episodes, showed Twitter and Facebook love, plus all of those involved with making everything happen, thank you so much! It's all about the love of brew! Hopefully I will see you during the Winter Beer Carnival. It's going to be off the chain! 

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