Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Atlanta Food and Wine Fest was a blast!

Yep, that is my homey Robin Meade from CNN Headline News! She's super chill. (Her husband is too.)
Happy Mama's Weekend (not day) and alladat. I truly miss mine but she is definitely here in spirit. Love you, Ma Dukes.
Okay, so I went to the Atlanta Food & Wine Fest on Friday and lucked out on some beautiful weather that afternoon. The beer section was kind of hidden on the side of the main food and drink tents (which was fine with me). They had some goodies, cool people (as usual), and some refreshing ales and lagers that ranged in alcohol by volume, but all represented the South. Here are some photos from the awesome time I had in the tasting tent area, my favorite part of the entire Festival. 
Starting with the above flick, I ran into my homey Robin Meade, the CNN Headline News queen of the mornings, near the Midnight Moon moonshine section. There is no shame in the game admitting that I appreciate her fun delivery of news in the morning as evidenced during my Scout Mob interview here. TruthfullyI was happy to realize that her bubbly, music-lovin' self on air is not an act; she is truly cool all hours of the day! See you in the a.m., R.M.!

Here are the rest. Check it: 
This lovely rep for  Lazy Magnolia Brewery out of Mississippi said she wanted to the "Ale Sharpton pose." Ha! She rocked it holding up their very popular Southern Pecan ale! 

This was my favorite couple of the day who run Paco's Tacos and Tequila in Charlotte, NC. Their shredded turkey tacos were slammin'!

This sharp cat, Tom Fischer aka The Bourbon Guy and founder of,  hosted a drink seminar with me last year at the Atlanta Food & Wine Fest. He had the bourbon, and I, of course, had the brew. It was great to see him!
Everybody and their mamas were getting their Food & Wine glasses dipped in the customary red wax bourbon Maker's Mark is known for. It was clever, but of course, I had to do it Ale-style with my Stella Artois glass. It was a hard sell at first, but when I convinced them I already had a few of the breweries awesome gold-rimmed glasses, I had to have something different. Once they saw my card and how serious I was about brews, they complied. Here is the final product:
Thanks to Maker's Mark, sipping that Belgian lager will never be the same!
And last but not least, my dude John Pinkerton, the co-owner and brewmaster of Savannah, Ga.-based Moon River Brewing, handed me his Apparition Ale after an emphatic endorsement by good friend and Duck Rabbit Brewery rep Brad Hodnett aka Dawg On Tap. I will have to say he was on point! For a delicious English Pale Ale that was on session level (light in alcohol) at 4.8 percent, it was full-bodied, beautiful in caramel color, and perfectly boasted John's pimpage of Sovereign Hops and Marriage Otter pale malt. Nice job, Moon River! I'll see you on the East Coast sooner than later! 




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