Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm heading to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp! Hell yeah!

Cheers to my sister's friend's son for modeling a happy face for me! 
Does he rock or what?!
How hyped? This HYPED! 

Be ready as I take my ongoing Cruisin' For A Brewsin' series to Chico, California to brew a beer from scratch with one of the greatest, most innovative, consistent and revered breweries in the U.S., Sierra Nevada! Yep! Your homey Ale Sharpton and a handful of other lucky beer enthusiasts, pub owners, and aficionados from around the country are flying to Northern California for a full tutorial on making the world's greatest beverage, have a "friendly" debate on what the hell we are going to make with a plethora of ingredients to choose from, and then actually do it all within two days! This is called Sierra Nevada Beer Camp and we are going to be Beer #80. What's even cooler is that, under the guidance of Brewmaster Terence Sullivan & Co., our beer will undoubtedly be gangster and sold throughout North America! 
I am so excited and blessed to be involved in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it would only be right to take you with me, right??? 
Well let's go! Look for photos, a vid or two, and a fun-filled recap on my adventures in Chico. The pressure will build to create a delicious, inventive 80th edition to this prestigious roster of well crafted sippers, and I welcome it pounding my chest because it should be pretty damn awesome!