Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SweetWater’s Motor Boat is coming!

Don't stop, get it, get it!

Whaddup Brew Heads!

My homies at SweetWater Brewery just let me know that their wondrous interpretation of an ESB, the Motor Boat (I love their names!), is making a comeback like Terrell Owens, but more malty, bitter, and shiny medals like the back-to-back silvers at the Great American Beer Festival. Motor Boat is brewed with Cascade, Sterling and US Golding hops, and dry-hopped with Cascade for that extra mmmmmwaaaah! The final numbers on this unfiltered beauty are 42 IBUs and 5.6 percent ABV. Since this ESB is a member of SweetWater’s Catch and Release seasonal series, it will be in six-packs in mid-August (in some spots this Friday I hear from an inside source) and thrown back in the ocean in October, so grab a few when you get the chance.

Oh, and here’s another heads-up from 195 Ottley Drive: 
You see Chong doing his thing, right? Ha!
Although SweetWater’s LowRYEder rye IPA has been making celebrity appearances on taps in selected areas this summer, it’s about to go to the six-pack level in the Southeast this fall. To get your mouths watering, I hustled and got the numbers and ingredients on this one just for you!:
6.2 percent ABV
Hops: Columbus, Mt Hood, Centennial
Dry Hop: Cetennial, Mt Hood
Grain: 2 row, Rye Malt (25 percent), CaraRye, Rye Flakes, Munich

The LowRYEder will be a year-rounder so sip it relaxed. It’s not going anywhere, ya heard?!

For more information on Motor Boat, LowRYEder and SweetWater Brewing Company, visit www.sweetwaterbrew.com



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