Monday, December 3, 2012

'Hoppy' Holidays!

Awesome times at The Porter in Little Five sampling Sierra Nevada Beer Camp #80!

Thanks to my biz partner with AllWays Open Creative, Anthony "Truth" Gary, here is our hot photo taken during the exclusive tapping of my Sierra Nevada Beer Camp #80 El Pluorado Golden Ale at The Porter on Tuesday, November 20th. You can read about my experience making the 5.4 percent El Dorado single-hopped ale infused with 30 lbs. of pluots (a plum/apricot hybrid fruit) directly at Sierra Nevada's brewery in Chico, CA. here.

Keeping it real, I wanted to shout out all of my good people who came to sample the goods and show some Ale love! From left to right, we have Sierra Nevada Regional Representative Lance Deen, Beer Writer Bob Townsend, Beer Street Journal's Reid Ramsey, Broderick Smylie with, me (duh), Food Writer Andrea Janise, Lifestyle Journalist Branden Peters, Britain Baker with Caren West PR, Kevin Irvin aka DJ Swirv, Teodora Nicolae with Caren West PR, Mike Jordan with, Rebelutions Brand Cultivator Bem Joiner, A Networking Ting Party Promoter Grieg Russell, and Porter Beer Bar Co-Owner Nick Rutherford

I appreciate y'all for supporting not only my efforts, but the craft beer movement in general!
Cheers to everyone and keep on sippin'! 

(Oh, and look out for the launch of the AllWays Open Creative website coming soon!)


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