Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kick it at Atlanta's Breweries Today!

I’m at Burnt Hickory Brewery today!

Whaddup Fellow Craft Beer Lovers!

It's the weekend and there are always some super cool things poppin' off in Atlanta's craft beer scene. I do my best to cover it, and when there are other scribes who are dedicated to doing the same, I have to give them a shout out when I can. Here is a good article in Creative Loafing on the booming brewery scene throughout the ATL and its surrounding counties by fellow beer writer Austin L. Ray.
I think it's worth your while to actually visit as many breweries as possible so that you can indulge in what they consider the best beer they can brew after investing so much time creating a concept; going through all the legal hassles; finding a location (or building one from the ground, up); creating a clever brand and marketing it; and finally, satisfying beer geeks like us with what they consider to be the best ales and lagers that represent their brewing mastery. So with that being said, I am listing the beer tours hosted in and around Georgia's capital. (A special thanks to seasoned beer aficionado "KP" for the extra research!)

Burnt Hickory (Featured brewery)
12 pm-5pm
Saturday February 16th
2260 Moon Station Court, Suite 210 in Kennesaw
Jailhouse Brewing's Glen and
Burnt Hickory's Scott chillin'!
The man behind this Kennesaw-based brewery, Scott Hedeen, is a straight up music fanatic, eccentric, hilarious, and most importantly, a damn good brewer along with his Burnt Hickory team. Quite frankly, they are blowing the hell up! Beer bars are scrambling to answer to the demand for B.H.'s product and for good reason: They've got skills and have some super funky concoctions, including their COC (Corrosion of Conformity) Rum Raisin Imperial Porter and Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout.
In fact, I happily accepted Hickory's invitation to be a "celebrity pourer" as Scott phrased it during their tours today, so I will be in the house from noon, on, happily handing folks samples of their awesome pimp juice, plus premiering their new customized Mason Jars!
$10 for the “New Blue Logo’d Glass,” a tour, plus 5 tickets for 5 4-ounce samples of the beer.  You can't beat that!

Here are some other tours going down today, so take your pick! You gotta love the ATL!

27 Word St, Fairburn, GA 30213
(770) 296.3771
I haven’t been out here yet so let me know how it is. I met the Strawn Brothers Will and Lamar a few times at festivals and whatnot and if their brewery is any reflection of the Strawns their staff, it should be a grand time!

8 Cherry Street, Hampton, GA 30228
(678) 734.3202
Jailhouse has been holding down Hampton, GA for a while with some great beer made by some super cool folks! I mean come on, the brewery is based inside an old jailhouse to keep it even more real!
670 Trabert Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
Come on, since the early days of brewing in their back yards,  me and Monday Night go back like bra strap (check this out)! To add, I did another post on my day kicking it with co-owner Jonathan during the early stages of their brand new, colossal site on the Westside. Incredibly, I haven’t seen the finished product and I can’t wait! See you soon, J-Crew (Jonathan, Jeff, and Joel)!

27 Word St, Fairburn, GA 30213
(770) 955-5430
The Head Brewer Bobby has red hair, they cleverly flip it with the “Red Hare” rabbit mascot, and they make some pretty damn good brew! Show them love in Marietta. Co-Founder Roger and the rest of the crew are some genuinely nice folks who do their best to show you a great time!

2323 Defoor Hills Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 892.4436
Come on, we have to show love to the old school! Red Brick Brewing’s the oldest operating craft brewery in Georgia and my favorite is still the Vanilla Gorilla Imperial Porter, but there are a lot more to choose from! Check out their barrel tables, as their star brewers whatever questions you want (Whaddup, Steve!), there will be some games on the big screen, or play some on your own like ping pong, cards, and darts especially on Saturdays! How cool is that?

195 Ottley Drive Atlanta, GA 30324
Every heard of these guys? They’re only the second largest microbrewery in the Southeast behind Louisiana’s Abita but with better beer. Besides the magnanimous tours they do every day except for Sunday and Monday, they are throwing down with their Special Anniversary Party and Tour featuring Yacht Rock Review mañana from 2 pm until 6; this event is already sold out, so I hope you scored some tickets!

Anyway, keep supporting Atlanta’s breweries and craft beer movement. This city is kickin’ hella casks and taking names!

Happy sippin’!


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