Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Check out this gangster bruise on Spike from Terrapin Beer Co.!

Spike literally goes cruisin' for a bruisin' the day
before the 18th annual  Clasic City Beer Fest.
Award winning brewmaster brings new 'bruise' t0 Classic City Beer Fest
Okay, the 18th Annual Classic City Brew Fest on April 7th in Athens, Georgia was an awesome time and I am going to be posting a gang of pictures that me and my crew took, but this shot deserves its own stage because it's nuts! 
This is my homey Brian "Spike" Buckowski, the co-founder and brewmaster of Terrapin Beer Co., which is also located in Athens. If you have tasted their extensive portfolio of award winning beers, you will know that Spike is a master at his craft, but when it comes to avoiding hitting deer while on a bicycle, well, not so much. 
This pic I took shows how shy and reserved a guy he is. On the real, Spike B demonstrates one of the reasons I love covering beer: The people behind the suds are so down-to-earth and simply cool as sh*t. Notice that I made the subheader the same color of his bruise. Since his story is so unbelievable, I had to call Spike and have him tell it to y'all: 
"I was on my 13-mile bike loop near my house in Athens the Saturday before the [Classic City] brew fest. I was peddling downhill when a deer popped out of the woods on my left. The next thing I know, I hit the deer in the side with my bike and flew over the handlebars. I landed on my ass, bounced back up, ate the deer, and that's how I got the bruise."
- Spike
Crazy, ain't it? Yep, although Spike literally went cruisin' for a bruisin', he was thankfully around for Classic City the next day more than happy to brandish the gangster map-looking contusion he has on his left hip, and drink some of the 350-plus brews the Fest had to offer. All in all, it made this event even more classic. 
Look for more pics from this event, plus a recap of my visit to Trappeze afterwards, coming soon!

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