Friday, July 19, 2013

Souls of Mischief killed it!

My homies  Phesto, Tajai, and Opio spit every verse
from the classic 93 'til Infinity album flawlessly! (A-Plus was chillin' outside.)
Plain and simple, here are few shots from the GANGSTER Souls of Mischief show last night! Not only was the music they performed a classic performance, but these cats are hella cool to their fans. Of course, I am one of 'em. 

Shout out to Speakeasy Promotions and Terminal West for have a bananas beer selection, too! Dude, I was faded last night thanks to the Sierra Nevada Torpedo and Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, plus others! It's been a while and I paid for it this morning but worth it! 

Anyway, support these lyrical assassins when they come to your town on this legendary StillInfinity tour. Here are the rest of their stops.
I tried to cop a shirt but they only had smalls left. I would've even considered even a smedium but, no dice. All good though! 

They also have the Heiroglyphics The Kitchen album out too. Here is the info on that joint. Thank God real hip hop still lives and always will...'til infinity!
Enjoy the weekend!

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