Monday, October 21, 2013

ATL Beer Week Happenings: Argosy throws down nightly!

Photo courtesy of Argosy.
EAV's Argosy features Bell's, Green Flash, Westbrook, Mother Earth...

One of the hottest beer bars in town, East Atlanta Village's Argosy has something popping off every day particularly honoring 2013 Atlanta Beer Week (which officially end on 10/26). From the kickass decor to the woodfire pizza and continuously growing beer list, I dig this spot and you should see why. Newbies, now's your chance. Regulars, you know what I'm talkin' about. 
Below is the info, including gangster breweries like Green Flash, Bell's, Westbrook, New Holland, Mother Earth and local rep Red Hare participating . I hope to see y'all at one of the numerous ABW events I am about to post celebrating one of the best craft beer cities nationwide. 


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