Thursday, March 27, 2014

SweetWater 420 Pale Ale gets high with Delta!

This gangster picture is courtesy of SweetWater. Head Brewer Nick Nock is on the right.
Finally! Some real craft beer on Delta flights!

I always succumbed to a certain beer (I won't say the name) when I flew Delta because there was really nothing else I could sip on. I am frequent flyer and always raised a stink about their beer selection. Finally, the decision makers felt my pain. I just got the news direct from my hometown brewery, SweetWater, that their flagship beer, 420 Pale Ale, is now on flights! Here is the news below. 

"SweetWater Brewery (based out of Atlanta) is partnering with hometown neighbor Delta Airlines to bring its brews on-board flights between LaGuardia International Airport and Hartsfield-Jackson beginning April 1. Some argue beer selection alone is compelling enough to choose who you fly with, and SweetWater is happy to help wet those whistles 30,000-feet up.

"SweetWater is among the first craft beer brands to begin making an appearance on Delta’s inflight menu. Delta will be offering SweetWater’s flagship 420 Extra Pale Ale in cans beginning with all flights between Atlanta and LaGuardia. The beer will also be offered on flights from Atlanta to Denver April 7-9 to quench the thirst of folks heading out to the Craft Brewer's Conference. Just this month SweetWater began canning their beers, removing restrictions that glass bottles once presented and opening up a new world of opportunities to offer their fresh, hoppy and aggressive ales in places like airlines, beaches, stadiums and more."

- SweetWater Brewing Company

I'm smilin' ear to ear. Now let's get some imperial stouts and IPAs on those flights! I can name a few really good canned ones!


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