Friday, May 30, 2014

Experience 'Walking Dead' for real!

 The 'Walking Dead Escape' is coming to Atlanta this Saturday!

Happy Friday y'all!

Are you a huge fan of the AMC hit show Walking Dead? If so, there is the opportunity for you to experience it first hand during the nationally touring “Walking Dead Escape” event! Go as a “Walker,” “Survivor,” or “Spectator” complete with zombies in make up, evacuation zones, etc. inside Atlanta’s Philips Arena this Saturday, May 31st. Get your tickets now! Below is the breakdown. Crazy!!! (I am not sure if beer is available. I will find out though. I would need one after this!)

Skybound Entertainment’s Zombie Obstacle Course Takes Philips Arena on May 31
WHO:                   Skybound Entertainment, Robert Kirkman’s entertainment and multimedia company, invites fans of The Walking Dead comic and television series to participate as “Walkers," “Survivors" or “Spectators” at the first-ever Atlanta stop of the one-of-a-kind immersive zombie obstacle course experience, THE WALKING DEAD ESCAPE.  David Isaacs, President of Skybound EXP and co-founder of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is available for interviews.

WHAT:          At THE WALKING DEAD ESCAPE, Survivors will climb, crawl, and slide their way through various zombie-infected evacuation zones. Those lucky enough to make it to the decontamination zone will have their level of infection assessed and then participate in the event’s Fan Experience.

Those participating as Walkers will be transformed into the undead by professional makeup artists, and they'll receive “zombie training” prior to their release on the course. Keeping in the spirit of entertainment and accessibility to all, THE WALKING DEAD ESCAPE is not a race, and its participants will not be timed or required to run.

WHERE:      Philips Arena, 1 Philips Drive, Atlanta

WHEN:         Saturday, May 31st 
5:00 pm –VIP Check-In 
5:45 pm – Spectator area opens 
                                    6:00 pm – First evacuation wave begins

TICKETS: “Spectator,” “Walker” and “Survivor” tickets ($20 - $150) are available for purchase at or

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boulder Beer adds the gangster Shake Chocolate Porter to Brewer's Dozen 12-pack!

The Shake's my favorite 
Boulder beer for real, so Yes!

Cheers Y’all!

I just got back from Vermont and finally got a breather! I had to just show some quick love and let you know that Colorado’s first craft beer company since 1979, Boulder Beer, has swapped out their Sweaty Betty Blonde Hefeweizen with my favorite brew they make—the Shake Chocolate Porter—in their seasonal Brewer’s Dozen variety 12-pack. And rightfully so. This silky smooth, liquid dessert in a bottle has been kicking major tail, garnering awards and the whole nine. It only made sense.
“The momentum we’re seeing with Shake Chocolate Porter and its recent Gold Award in Chocolate Beer at the 2014 World Beer Cup warranted bringing Shake into the Brewer’s Dozen mix,” my homey and Marketing Director for Boulder Beer Company Tess McFadden says straight from the brewery. They also pimped out the 12-pack’s packaging. Tess adds, “With that change we also had the opportunity to refresh the graphics and decided it was time to brighten-up the package and bring more focus to the brewery name and where the beer was crafted.”
So now it’s the Porter joining their Hazed & Infused, Mojo IPA and rotating Brewer’s Choice mystery beer in the Brewer’s Dozen.
And to keep things extra, they told me they have a little promotion going too, called “Find My Phone.” Check it:
“We are dropping cell phones into numerous boxes with a programmed number to call when found. The lucky customers who find a phone in their Brewer’s Dozen call the brewery and win Boulder Beer gear. The idea for the promotion blossomed when one of their production employees, without realizing, dropped his cell phone into a Brewer’s Dozen while hand-sorting the bottles. By the time he figured out what happened and tracked his phone’s whereabouts, it was already somewhere in Pennsylvania!”
- Boulder Beer Co.
Already sent out as of last week, these 12-packs are hitting up all 37 states where Boulder Beer is distributed, including Georgia. Hell yeah!

Look for my Annual Father's Day Gift Guide soon! 



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Holeman and Finch Hosts Academy of Bartending

Photo courtesy of Holeman and Finch
Come get your mixology on!
Do you love bartending or want to help someone step their mixology game up? Well Midtown Atlanta’s Holeman and Finch Public House, home of arguably the city’s best burgers, is also renowned for their cocktail ingenuity, so they are hosting the Academy of Bartending starting May 24th. Whether it be an awesome Father’s Day gift or something to treat yourself to, here you go! Below is the official description. Cheers!
The comprehensive 2014 Academy of Bartending schedule has been posted. Each of the classes will be taught at Holeman and Finch Public House, located at 2277 Peachtree Road in Buckhead. Tickets for each of the classes may be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets and cost $100 per person, with the exception of American Whiskey, An In-Depth Study and Tasting, which runs $200.

The online description for this class is as follows:

The entire Academy of Bartending schedule for 2014 includes the following classes:

May 24, 2014
The Holeman and Finch Public House bartenders are kicking-off summer and transporting you to a tropical paradise. Learn the history and evolution of classic Tiki drinks popularized during the 1940s and ‘50s while sipping samples of these exotic-themed cocktails. A Polynesian-inspired lunch from our culinary team will be served.

June 28, 2014
Do you love mixing drinks at home, but aren’t sure how to create your own signature cocktail? Here’s your chance to learn how from the Holeman and Finch Public House bartenders. In this class you’ll learn advanced bartending techniques; delve into more esoteric ingredients like amari, bitters and vermouths; and understand how to build your own drink from scratch. Lunch and cocktail samples will be provided.

July 26, 2014
Just as the mighty Jimador chops through the spiny leaves of the agave to reveal the treasured piña, so shall the Holeman and Finch Bar Staff reveal the secrets of this revered plant and its bounty. Tequila, Mezcal and Sotol are some of the most labor intensive spirits in the world and can be transcendent when made with respect for time-honored traditions. Sip on exemplary offerings and learn how to utilize them in exotic cocktails. This class will give Agave the attention it deserves, and enable you to become a more dynamic host. Cocktail samples and lunch will be provided.

August 23, 2014
Learn the ins and outs of tending a bar from the experienced bartenders at Holeman and Finch Public House. In this class we’ll cover the essentials you need to know for building your home bar, from the basic bar tools to our favorite base spirits to essential cocktail recipes. Lunch and cocktail samples will be provided.

September 27, 2014
This is a great follow-up to our Bar Basics class or a helpful tool for those looking to delve deeper into the history of cocktails as well as the spirits themselves. Learn about more advanced drink styles, like the Cobbler, the Flip, the Fizz, the Daisy, and more. We’ll refine your shaking and stirring techniques in a hands-on workshop, fortify your ingredient knowledge, talk about contemporary cocktail culture and debate what's next! Lunch and cocktail samples will be provided.

October 25, 2014
Do you love mixing drinks at home, but aren’t sure how to create your own signature cocktail? Here’s your chance to learn how from the Holeman and Finch Public House bartenders. In this class you’ll learn advanced bartending techniques; delve into more esoteric ingredients like amari, bitters and vermouths; and understand how to build your own drink from scratch. Lunch and cocktail samples will be provided.

November 15, 2014
For casual sippers and avid collectors alike, this is our definitive class on American whiskey making. We'll embark on a journey through the history of distillation techniques and aging practices used to produce some of the most sought-after whiskeys in the world. Learn the difference between styles, the nuances of production methods and the rewards of time. Develop a better understanding of how to taste whiskey and taste which styles you enjoy. The H&F Burger will be served for lunch.

About the Academy of Bartending and Holeman and Finch Public House 
Academy of Bartending is a series of informational and instructional classes presented by Holeman and Finch Public House in Atlanta, GA. Hosted by the professionals who craft our spirited offerings every night, the classes range from introductory to advanced skill levels. Subjects include: history, technique, seasonal concoctions, and much, much more. Space is limited to 24 seats per installment. Admission includes snacks and lunch from the talented Holeman and Finch culinary team.

James Beard award winning Chef Linton Hopkins and his wife Gina are proprietors of Holeman and Finch Public House, Restaurant Eugene, H&F Bottle Shop, H&F Bread Company, and H&F Burger. The couple celebrates the rich bounty of Georgia by using only the freshest and most locally sourced ingredients possible, prepared in a way that highlights the local cuisine and its history.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A TAP beer dinner featuring three Georgia breweries? Whoa!

Photo by Concentrics
*Date change: Red Hare Brewery, Jailhouse Brewing Company and Red Brick Brewing will be in the house!

Now changed to June 3 at 7:30 p.m., there is going to be another awesome beer dinner at Midtown’s TAP, but it’s surely not your traditional one. This time around they are featuring a total of six, yes, six casks by three different Georgia breweries—Red Hare Brewery, Jailhouse Brewing Company and Red Brick Brewing—paired with six courses! I love how three of our locals are kickin’ it together too! As many of you know, Chef Nick McCormick throws down so the food is going to be off the chain too. For now, here is the drink menu and info:

The homey Chef Nick McCormick
Cotton Tail with Oranges and Mint 
Watership Brown Dry Hopped and infused with Rum & Hickory chips 
Flanders Sour with Vanilla, coriander, pink peppercorns 
Reprieve Saison with Candied Pineapple Star Anise 
Dog Days Hefeweizen with Lemon and Chamomile 
Laughing Skull Bourbon Barrel Aged and infused with Cherries 

When: Tuesday, June 3rd | 7:30 pm 
Cost: $60 per person, all inclusive. 

To purchase your tickets, click here.

See ya there!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 New Belgium Sour Symposium at Terminal West!

Plain and simple: Who is going tonight? 

Should be awesome!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Game of Thrones and Brewery Ommegang announce their new brew: Valar Morghulis!

 Are you ready for the fourth beer, an Abbey Dubbel named Valar Morghulis?

I was already a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, but once they alerted me that there would be brews themed after the hit HBO show last year, I was floored! 
The past three brews Cooperstown, New York’s Brewery Ommegang released—Iron Throne Blonde Ale (spring 2013), Take the Black Stout (fall 2013), and Fire and Blood Red Ale (on shelves now)were certainly worthy of purchase and collecting. Now we all need to prepare for the Abbey Dubbel, Valar Morghulis
The name and beer style of this highly anticipated addition to the family were birthed from a poll on Facebook last December thanks to a legion of avid Ommegang and Thrones fans. Just know that this Belgian-inspired brew won't be hitting the shelves until this fall, so hold your horses and leave your armor with your squire until then!
Here is the official press release below. See ya on the couch this Sunday for Episode 37: Mockingbird!
Game of Thrones fans select fourth beer, Valar Morghulis, in bestselling Brewery Ommegang and HBO partnership

In the world of Westeros, Valar Morghulis means “all men must die.” Fans of the hit HBO show decided that “all men must drink” as well when they voted the foreboding phrase as the name of the newest beer in the Game of Thrones collaboration between HBO and Brewery Ommegang as part of a late December Facebook poll. The voting also determined the style of the new beer – an Abbey Dubbel – which is perfectly represented by the “two-headed” coin which will adorn the labels. Valar Morghulis will be available at retail in fall of this year.
Valar Morghulis is a central thematic element in the critically acclaimed show’s fourth season, which recently debuted to record ratings. As Arya Stark continues her journey to track down what family she has left and to avenge those who have fallen, she adopts the High Valyrian phrase as a mantra against the people she wants dead. As the name for the new beer, the phrase won out during the December poll over Seven Kingdoms (Tripel), Hand of the King (Quad) and Khal (Quad). Thousands of fans cast their votes during the contest, and Valar Morghulis was the clear favorite with almost half of the votes.
“The fan response to the beers has been so incredibly positive that we thought it would be a fun reward to ask them to play an active role in selecting the fourth beer,” said Bill Wetmore, Director of Marketing for Brewery Ommegang. “It’s not uncommon to hear “valar brewghulis” spoken in the halls of the brewhouse, so we were secretly hoping that Valar Morghulis would be the winner. Our brewers are also excited to brew a Dubbel, a classic Belgian beer style, and have some great ideas to make this release extra special.”
Valar Morghulis follows Iron Throne Blonde Ale (spring 2013), Take the Black Stout (fall 2013), and Fire and Blood Red Ale (available now) in the hugely popular partnership between HBO and Brewery Ommegang. The limited runs of Iron Throne and Take the Black sold out in a few short weeks, and Fire and Blood Red Ale is also selling out quickly, despite being brewed at nearly double the volume of the first two beers.
“The fan base for Game of Thrones keeps growing larger as each new season debuts, and the popularity of the beers is growing right along with the show,” said Josh Goodstadt, Vice President of HBO Global Licensing. “For this fourth beer, we found the perfect opportunity to give those diehard fans the power to choose what beer they wanted to drink, and we can’t wait to share this special brew with them this fall.”
Valar Morghulis is brewed with pilsner and other specialty malts and hopped with Apollo and Hallertau Spalt Select hops. The hue is deep amber-brown with a persistent, creamy, off-white head. Aromas include caramel, toffee, ripe fruit, banana and slightly burnt sugar. The taste is well-balanced with rich malty sweetness, caramel and sugar, and just a touch of bitterness to balance. The finish is surprisingly dry and light on the tongue, belying the aroma and initial taste.
“The Dubbel is one of the most recognized beer styles in Belgium and this is a very tasty version of that style,” said Mike McManus, Ommegang Innovation Manager. “Valar Morghulis is a complex beer, much like the stories surrounding the phrase.”
The label art will feature the two-headed coin, given to Arya Stark by Jaqen H’ghar, one of the “Faceless Men of Braavos” – legendary assassins with the ability to change their appearance at will. Each cork will be fire-branded with “Valar Dohaeris,” which is the traditional response phrase to “Valar Morghulis” meaning “all men must serve.”  
Valar Morghulis will be available nationally this fall (exact launch date still TBC) on draft (sixth-barrels) and in corked bottles (25.4 ounces). The recommended retail price is $8.50 per bottle.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cocktails With Ale Part 3: Cathead Vodka, Victory Brewing, and Sound Table get in the mix!

Ladies and Gents, meet Mixologist Navarro Carr!


In the third installment of Cocktails With Ale, I had to hit up my local hot spot in Atlanta, Georgia's Old Fourth Ward, The Sound Table, to see what their extremely talented mixologist Navarro Carr could come up with using the original Cathead Vodka as a main ingredient. Of course, the rules are quite simple—you must use a craft brew in the concoction. That’s it! Now some beer cocktails have been less than palatable in the past, but every one of the mixes I have had during the Cocktails Series (see Mercedes O'Brien now with Gunshow here and Argosy's Armando Celentano here) have been fantastic. Will Navarro keep the success streak alive with his drink called "Tropical Death"? Hell yes!
During an extraordinarily time when Sound Table wasn't packed (because it was closed), Navarro met me around noon to open the doors, make his drink in front of my eyes, and further solidify his reputation of being one of Atlanta’s most creative bartenders in the industry.
First, here are Mr. Carr’s ingredients for his brainchild followed by a quick Q & A on his background and how he came up with this absolutely delicious concoction:
Tropical Death
Cathead Vodka (infused with a coconut oolong tea for about 90 minutes)
Pineapple Syrup
Grapefruit Bitters
Egg White
Pinch of Curry Power
Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and dry shake for 2-3 minutes.  Add ice and shake for 25-30 seconds. Double strain into a cocktail glass.

Ale: Give us a quick breakdown on who Navarro is.
Navarro Carr: Sure! I was born in New York, but I’ve been raised here in Atlanta. My first bartending job making craft cocktails was at Trois, which unfortunately is now closed.  I've been here at the Sound Table for the last four years.

Okay, off the bat, why the name Tropical Death?
The coconut oolong tea and pineapple syrup definitely add tropical elements to this cocktail. With the addition of beer and absinthe, I felt like the drink name needed to also have a serious part to let people know that it’s very complex, too. As for the name, drinks usually have happy names. I wanted to shake things up a little bit!

What made you choose the Victory Prima Pils, which is arguably the best American interpretation of the traditional German Pilsner [5.3%}?
The Victory Prima Pils helped add brightness which the cocktail needed because there’s no citrus juice. The hops also added more depth to the cocktail.

I can dig it. I see you made a Cathead Vodka infusion. Nice! You are the first to do that. Break that down.  
I infused the Cathead Vodka with a coconut oolong tea because I liked the sweetness of the vodka, as well as its neutrality in flavor.  The vodka really married well with the tannins and flavor of the tea.

I totally agree. This cocktail is absolutely fabulous. This is a very tropical, yet not overly sweet cocktail. The bitterness from—well—the grapefruit bitters and Prima Pils helped balance out the coconut and pineapple flavors. I also love how the touch of curry gave it a subtle, but very delectable hint of spiciness. The egg added a nice frothiness and gave the Death body. I am honestly blown away because I really didn’t know what to expect when I saw the ingredients.  Awesome job, bro!

Thanks Ale for challenging me to make a beer cocktail! I had a lot of fun with this one!

You got it my brother. Keep pouring that goodness. I hope a lot of folks reading this will be ordering Tropical Death to see how good this drink is! Oh, and please give [Owner] Karl Injex and his wifey a shout out for me. I will be over there to party and get my dance on soon!

You got it!

Oh, and speaking of partying,  Sound Table is celebrating their 4th anniversary in style on Saturday Night, May 17th featuring Japan's own DJ Shuya Okino. Here is the slick flyer. Happy birthday! 



Monday, May 12, 2014

The Porter goes bananas for Craft Beer Week!

Lagunitas? Georgia tap takeover? Allagash? New Belgium? Orpheus? Oh my!

With American Craft Beer Week well underway, one of the most revered brew pubs in the world, The Porter Beer Bar (and one of my favorite local Atlanta joints in general), is featuring a few themed nights along with some more craft brew-pouring awesomeness next week. Check out my listing below starting today, plus the Porter being featured on Atlanta Eats which included me getting interviewed by show host Steak Shapiro during the stellar episode! Oh yeah, and a little while ago, I did another video featuring the Porter for my Cruisin' For A Brewsin' show here.
Look for more to come soon!

Monday May 12th 
It’s the Lagunitas takeover! It will be 13 taps and the biggest Lagunitas takeover anywhere outside California. They will be tapping the Waldos' Special Ale (9.2%) at 4:19 and also the last keg of my boy Reid’s collaboration (Beer Street Journal) with Lagunitas called the Fusion #19—an American Wild Ale aged in Pinot Noir oak barrels. Get it! Here is the video…

Wednesday May 14th
It’s a Georgia craft breweries’ takeover! There are 16 confirmed to participate in this southern liquid orgy!

Friday May 16th
It’s the Allagash takeover featuring 15 taps, including some very rare special treats like the Red Howes Stout brewed with cranberries at a roasty 8.5%!

“And why only one week?” my boy at The Porter, Christopher, asks. Let’s keep it poppin’ on May 20th, 21st and 28th, ya heard?

Tuesday May 20th
Representin’ Brugge, Belgium, it’s the De Halve Man release!

Wednesday May 21st
New Belgium launches six brews with three of ‘em having their barrel-aged alter ego, plus their Wood Cellar Manager Lauren Salazar and Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert will be in the house!

Wednesday May 28th
My boy Jason from Orpheus and a lovely imbiber at The Porter.
It’s the Orpheus Brewing release coming from right down the street from Piedmont Park! Congrats goes to Jason, Brandon, and the Orpheus crew! I can’t wait to try their brews for real.

See y’all at a few of the gangster events!



Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Annual 2014 Mother’s Day Eat and Sip Guide

Khaleesi, Game of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons,
would be an interesting mama to treat to brunch, no?
Here's my annual dining guide to make moms happy…and full!

Undoubtedly, Atlanta is one of the best dining destinations in the U.S. Well with Mother’s Day coming this weekend, it is time for my annual guide highlighting places with awesome deals, special menus, and other attractions for the women who have thankfully went through with birthing us, our children, or anyone else worthy of this special day. Here is my roundup of restaurants, pubs, plus a spa and art event you should consider treating a mama to before and during Mother’s Day. 
Cheers and Happy Mother’s Day!

Cypress Street Pint and Plate
Moms Eat Free, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
817 West Peachtree, Suite E-125
Atlanta, Georgia
This Mother’s Day, Cypress Street Pint and Plate would like to help you treat your mom to an unforgettable Mother’s Day brunch. Any diner that brings Mom in for brunch on Sunday, May 11, 2014 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. will receive her meal for free. So, don’t worry about picking up the check, Cypress Street Pint and Plate has got your back.
For more information, please visit and or call 404-815-9243. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 2:45 a.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2:45 a.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. until midnight. For more information, please visit or call 404-815-9243. Follow Cypress Street on Twitter at @CypressStreet and Facebook at
Poor Calvin’s
Mother’s Day Brunch
510 Piedmont Ave. NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Poor Calvin’s is rolling out the red carpet for all of the moms out there this weekend with a special Mother’s Day brunch menu. Join the neighborhood eatery on Sunday, May 11 at 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. for menu items such as a Seafood Omelet, Surf and Turf BLT, Cod & Grits, Eggs Benedict and more! Guests can also enjoy their choice of drinks, including Sangria, Mimosas and their delicious Bloody Mary. Call 404-254-4051 today for reservations!

Seven Lamps
Mother’s Day Brunch
3400 Around Lenox Road
Atlanta, Georgia
Celebrate mom with an incredible brunch by Chef Drew Van Leuvan this year for Seven Lamps’ annual Mother’s Day Brunch. The special Mother’s Day menu is served a la carte on Sunday, May 11 from noon – 4 p.m.; options include the Citrus Cured Salmon Sammie, Seven Lamps Benedict and the Crispy Cheese Sandwich. Paired with the delicious entrees will be special brunch cocktail offerings to complement the occasion. Reservations can be made by calling (404)-467-8950. | 404-467-8950
Connect on Facebook and Twitter!

Southern Art
Mother's Day Brunch
3315 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30326
Celebrate mom for the day at Southern Art’s Mother’s Day brunch. Beginning at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 11, guests will enjoy an authentic southern buffet featuring Executive Chef Art Smith’s signature dishes, charcuterie boards from the artisan ham bar and more. Singer and Songwriter Vivian Clifton will serenade guests with smooth jazz tunes throughout the afternoon. The brunch is $65 for adults, $32 for children over six years old, and children under six are complimentary. As always, three-hour complimentary valet parking will be available. For reservations, please call 404.946.9070 or visit

Serpas True Food 
Mother's Day Brunch
659 Auburn Ave.
Atlanta, Georgia 30312
Serpas’ Mother's Day brunch will feature a seasonal menu of comfort favorites, including fried oyster eggs Benedict and mixed berry buttermilk pancakes. Sample special dishes on the beautiful patio for an al fresco experience and complete the relaxation with a "Sayonara," a Cathead Vodka cocktail with ruby red grapefruit, lime, agave nectar and bitter lemon.

Osteria Mattone 
All Day Dining
1095 Canton Street
Roswell, Georgia 30075
If mom has a taste for Italian, Roswell’s newest dining destination is a great place to celebrate her special day! The menu features a variety of antipasti, pizzas, handmade pastas and wood-grilled mains, with signature items including the polpo, octopus with chickpeas, radicchio and mint-lime vinaigrette; tonnarelli cacio e pepe, a classic with pecorino and cracked black pepper; and branzino, a grilled, wood-finished Mediterranean sea bass with roasted fennel and capers. Be sure to treat mom to one of Pastry Chef Micki Kimberly’s delectable creations such as budino caramellato, a salted caramel bread pudding served with gelato.

Table & Main
Spring Dinner
1028 Canton Street
Roswell, Georgia 30075
For a refined yet approachable Mother’s Day meal, visit Roswell’s tucked away Southern tavern Table & Main. The whole family will enjoy a spring dinner menu featuring handpicked favorites such as asparagus salad with country ham and brioche egg, shrimp ‘n grits and a colorful selection of sides.

Ri Ra Irish Pub
Mother's Day Brunch
1080 Peachtree St NE #1  
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
If mom is a sporty gal, take her to Ri Ra Irish Pub! Guests can watch a big game and enjoy a hearty Irish brunch with favorites such as veggie Benedict with poached eggs, avocado, grilled tomato and home fries and Buck’s black fizz cocktail with fresh orange juice, Miwadi black currant juice, champagne and fresh blackberries.

Cibo E Beve
All Day Dining
4969 Roswell Rd. 
Atlanta, Georgia  30342
Show your appreciation and admiration for your mother!  Bring the entire family throughout Sunday, May 11 for service beginning at 11 a.m. and extending until 9 p.m. Take advantage of Chef Linda Harrell’s featured brunch items that include Classic Eggs Benedict, American Breakfast and Nutella French Toast.  Of course, our highly regarded regular menu items will also be available. If dinner service is your thing then you’ll be glad to know we will be offering a Braised Lamb Shank with baby vegetables and an Herb Encrusted Tuna with baby spring vegetables and vincotto. It’s time to give that mother of yours a rest and put your faith in us to impress. For reservations call 404-250-8988 or visit our website at

Taverna Fiorentina
All Day Dining
3300 Cobb Pkwy SE
Suite 208
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Vinings neighborhood gem Taverna Fiorentina offers a Tuscan dining experience mom will adore. The whole family will savor antipasti and signature dishes including gnocchi di ricotta with shrimp and zucchini and eggplant parmigiana. Say cheers with one of Taverna’s premium Italian wines.

All Day Dining
1198 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
404.365.0410 ext. 22
Treat Mom to the best Atlanta has to offer this Mother’s Day at the city’s most celebrated restaurant. Bacchanalia will be serving its noteworthy five-course prix fixe menu for $85 per person, but with a special addition just for mothers. Chef-owner Anne Quatrano will be gifting a mother at each table with a signed copy of her debut cookbook, Summerland: Recipes for Celebrating with Southern Hospitality. For reservations, please call 404.365.0410 ext. 22.

Atlanta Food Truck Park & Event Center
All Day Fun for Moms
1850 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Treat mom to a pre-Mother’s Day outing at the Atlanta Food Truck Park & Event Center’s Surf Fest. The annual event is returning for its second year with a musical lineup of local and out-of-state surf bands that are sure to impress. All mothers attending the Surf Fest will be honored with leis and enjoy complementary beach-themed cocktail. Make this a Mother’s Day to remember for the whole family!

Wahoo! Grill
Mother's Day Brunch
1042 West College Ave.
Decatur, Georgia 30030
Wahoo! Grill’s Chef de Cuisine Scot Davis is hard at work creating a Mother’s Day brunch the whole family will enjoy. Treat mom to an expanded Sunday brunch buffet, an a la carte menu and of course $6 mimosas and bloody Marys. Menu favorites include the French toast made with brioche, vanilla-lemon cream cheese, seasonal fresh fruit compote and guests choice of maple bacon, turkey sausage links of chicken sausage patties and the Wahoo! omelet with sautéed asparagus, tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and balsamic reduction with guests choice of cheddar grits or hash brown casserole. There is no better way to show your mom you care than Sunday brunch at Wahoo! Grill.

Artmore Hotel 
All Day Cocktails
1302 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Looking for quality time to visit with mom this Mother’s Day? Stroll over to the Artmore Hotel to lounge in their Spanish-inspired courtyard complete with a fire fountain centerpiece, or cozy up in the lush, tented new cocktail garden with friends. Order a refreshing cocktail such as the Starry Lights with Citron vodka, fresh lemons, simple syrup, champagne and blue Curacao, and sip in style at this urban oasis.

Dessert Gift For Moms
3393 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
This Mother’s Day, leave the baking to Sprinkles and say “Happy Mother’s Day” with a Sprinkles “MOM” box. The special cupcake box features dark chocolate, red velvet, vanilla and lemon flavors adorned with Sprinkles daisies and MOM sugar decorations.

Del Frisco’s Grille
Mother's Day Brunch
3376 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
Celebrate Mother’s Day with brunch at Del Frisco’s Grille. Guests are invited to enjoy a selection of gourmet brunch items, including red velvet Belgian waffles with whipped vanilla bean spiked cream cheese and hickory-smoked bacon and “The Grille” Benedict with poached eggs, French ham, scallion and white cheddar biscuits and chipotle hollandaise. Toast to mom with DFG’s Build Your Own Bloody Mary kit featuring housemade mix, Tito’s vodka and a plate of fixins’. As a gift, Del Frisco’s Grille will give moms a jar of homemade pimento cheese when dining at the restaurant on Mother’s Day.

Spa Sydell
Woosah For Moms
Seven locations
Throughout the month of May, Spa Sydell is offering a “mommy makeover” with Venus Freeze in honor of Mother’s Day. The non-invasive contouring treatment effectively tightens loose skin after child birth, reducing the appearance of stretch marks and bringing bodies back to pre-pregnancy shape. Venus Freeze can be used for the face, neck and body and unlike many anti-aging services, is performed in a low-light, quiet room and feels similar to a hot stone massage. For a limited time, mothers can buy five treatments and get the sixth free for $1500 or buy six and get two free for $1800. Financing is available.

Cakes & Ale
All Weekend Dining
151 Sycamore Street
Decatur, Georgia 30030
Celebrate Mother’s Day all weekend at Cakes & Ale. Whether dining for dinner or Sunday brunch, the inviting, comfortable setting of Cakes & Ale is the ideal place to escape for meal. Executive chef and James Beard Foundation semifinalist, Billy Allin, prepares unassuming, seasonal fare using only the highest quality local produce. Treat your mother to housemade burrata served with asparagus, prosciutto, beets, arugula pesto and arugula, whole North Carolina trout served with radishes, salad greens and a dilled yogurt sauce or a lamb shoulder served with beans, chard, roasted spring Vidalia onions and garlic aioli. Finish your meal with one of Cakes & Ale’s impressive desserts such as a banana terrine served with chocolate mousse and caramelized bananas. Dine at The Café at Cakes & Ale for brunch and taste an herbed chevre omelette served with roasted squash and salad greens or Italian sausage and six-minute egg with polenta, red cabbage, taleggio, and frisee, served with a boiled cider vinaigrette. Cakes & Ale serves dinner nightly, featuring a family-style Sunday Supper inspired by chef’s garden and local farm’s on Sunday evenings.

Mother's Day Brunch
997 Virginia Avenue NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
Start the Mother’s Day celebrations early at one of Atlanta’s most iconic brunch destinations, Murphy’s. Begin the meal by toasting to the occasion with a housemade bloody Mary or peach Bellini. Whether a fan of savory or sweet brunch, Murphy’s offers something for every palate! The eggs Virginia Highland updates the traditional Eggs Benedict, featuring poached eggs topped, spinach and mushrooms served on foccacia and topped with a sundried tomato hollandaise sauce. The smoked pork chop served with a fried egg, black beans and tasso ham is among the brunch favorites. Finish brunch with one of Murphy’s sought after cinnamon buns and mom will take home a sweet treat on the house.

Ocean Prime
Mother's Day Brunch
3102 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Buckhead’s modern American supper club will open early at 11 a.m. for brunch on Mother’s Day. Chef Mitch Brumels’ brunch highlights include short rib hashblueberry French toastking crab Benedict and blackened salmon salad. In addition to the brunch menu, guests can also enjoy Ocean Prime’s regular dinner menu all day, showcasing the freshest seafood, prime steaks, handcrafted cocktails and an extensive wine selection (after 12:30 pm!). The desserts are not to be missed, including Ocean Prime’s signature 10-layer carrot cake, chocolate peanut butter pie and baked Alaska.

STK Atlanta
Complimentary Bubbly for Moms on Mother's Day, 5:30 p.m.
1075 Peachtree Street
Midtown Atlanta
On Sunday May 11, 2014, STK, one of Atlanta’s favorite dining and social destinations known for its chic lounge, dramatic dining room, and vibrant, high-energy atmosphere, invites families to celebrate Mom by treating to her to an evening of fantastic service, delicious fare and unforgettable signature cocktails.  All Moms will also be given a glass of complimentary bubbly on the house while they dine from STK's seasonal menu featuring mouthwatering menu favorites like the Lump Crab Salad, Beef Tartare, Chili Rubbed Lamb Rack, Pan Roasted Branzino, and Miso Glazed Sea Bass.  For more information or to make a reservation, please call STK Atlanta at (404) 793-0144.
Complimentary valet parking is available on 12th Street. Visit for more information and stay connected via and on Twitter and Instagram at @STKAtlanta.

South City Kitchen
All Day Dining
1675 Cumberland Parkway SE #401
Smyrna, Georgia 30080

1144 Crescent Avenue NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Celebrate Mom by treating her to some delicious Southern hospitality! South City Kitchen Midtown and Vinings will be offering a three-course prix fixe menu featuring the tried-and-true southern favorites. Menu highlights include fried green tomatoes with goat cheese, pepper coulis and basil, buttermilk fried chicken with garlic collard greens, bliss potatoes and honey-thyme jus and smoked roast beef benedict with creole mustard hollandaise, pickled jalapenos and Red Mule grits. The menu will be available for $32 per person and $16 for children under 12.

Little Alley Steak
Mother's Day Brunch
995 Canton St
Roswell, Georgia 30075
Give mom what she really wants this Mother’s Day, brunch at Little Alley Steak! Take a seat on the patio looking over enchanting Canton Street and enjoy a meal the whole family will love. Guests can look forward to brunch favorites like the steak and eggs with an eight oz. hanger steak and two sunny-side-up eggs with peppercorn sauce on English muffins or the country sausage Benedict with sous vide egg and traditional béarnaise.

Buckhead Spring Arts & Crafts Festival “Art from the Heart”
Saturday, May 10 & Sunday, May 11:
Join The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces on Saturday, May 10 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, May 11 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. as they celebrate the fifth annual Buckhead Spring Arts & Crafts Festival. The award-winning, two-day festival will once again be held in Atlanta’s beautiful Chastain Park and features 175 artists and artisans, live acoustic music, a professional children's area, delicious local foods and beverages, and plenty of surprises.  The festival is free to attend, is open to all ages and pets are welcome.
More than 25,000 visitors are expected to attend this year’s festival with up to 200 displays of fine art and crafts, folk and "outsider art." This year’s event is also an ideal atmosphere to celebrate Mom with the entire family during Mother’s Day weekend. With an abundance of painters, photographers, sculptors, leather and metal craft persons, glass blowers, jewelers and more, there will be no short of gifts that are sure to dazzle.  Of course, Mom can also enjoy live music, numerous activities, and gourmet food and beverages that are sure to delight all tastes.  For More information about the festival, please visit

(All photos courtesy of the restaurants and public relations firms featured.)


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