Monday, June 23, 2014

Celebrate Ten Years of Gangster Beers in Georgia with Rivals On Five!

It’s been a decade since Georgia raised our alcohol limit to 14 percent. Let’s kick it on July 1st in celebration!

To celebrate the anniversary of Georgia raising the alcohol by volume level of beer from 5.9 percent to 14 percent, Rivals On Five in Stone Mountain [1227 Rockbridge Rd., Stone Mountain, GA, USA 30087] is planning an amazing throwdown on Tuesday, July 1st starting at 7 p.m. With all beers exceeding 6 percent ABV (some in monstrous proportions), their beer list of one-and-dones, can’t finds, and extra potent aged brews is remarkable! To add, Partner and Executive Chef Jon Allen is extremely talented and a beast in the kitchen. I went to the Rivals and Red Hare beer dinner and was blown away by Jon's fare. and to make it even better, the tapas are "bottomless"!
Make plans to come though and book reservations asap! Here is their official description on Facebook:  

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of high gravity beer in Georgia. On July 1st, 2004, beer over the 5.9 alcohol percentage was allowed to be sold and enjoyed in Georgia. We have assembled great collection of one-offs and rarities for you to enjoy, some of which will never be available again after this event. (No joke, 2004 Left Hand Imperial Stout stored in French Chardonnay barrels is the last case ever!) Don't miss out on this event! Beer Heads Unite!!!”

All the info is on their Facebook page, website and all over the Internet, including Twitter at @rivalsonfive.
This is truly a slick spot and they are also heavy into sports, so I will be there! You should too!



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