Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here's my new video with T.MAC and Monday Night Brewing!

Ladies and gents, meet the 
T.MAC Daddy Porter! 

In collaboration with Atlanta's beloved Monday Night Brewing, Taco Mac aka T.MAC's new brew thanks to a popular vote, the T.MAC Daddy Porter, came out pretty damn good! To document the history, I along with my homey Keven from our BrewTube crew, filmed it here!
As for the actual brew, here is the breakdown written so beautifully by T.MAC:

T.MAC Daddy Porter
The people wanted a porter, so we gave them a porter. After an extremely close public vote, T.MAC Daddy Ale was born. Clocking in at 5.7% and brewed with Chocolate, Munich and Caramel malts, this Daddy doesn’t drive a minivan. More like an Aston Martin. Creamy, nutty, with a little bit of roast, this is one smoooooth Daddy. East Kent Golding hops lend a little bit of that old country flair, making this an all-around stand-up guy. Or Mac Daddy, if you will.
Make sure you order it at a T.MAC near you before it's gone. I really enjoyed it at the Prado location in Sandy Springs. 
This is the first of an ongoing video series of collaborations with different breweries, cideries and our ongoing video series (Stay tuned for the next one!) As for the specialty beers, T. MAC continues to show love to microbreweries around the nation, but this Monday Night collab hits close to home because, well, it is. Atlanta is blowing up!
Again, the T.MAC Daddy is slammin' and it was awesome to come document the history. Wait until you see what's next with what we have in store! 



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