Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A sneak peek of Heavy Seas' new brewhouse!

The goal will be 70,000 barrels for 2015. Nice!

One of my favorite breweries, Baltimore, Maryland’s beloved Heavy Seas, sent me a few photos of what's brewing in terms of their new brewhouse in production. My homey Christine with the brewery informed me that some of their award-winning beers will be ready to hit full swing in September of this year. But how much are we talkin’?
“This advancement will increase the production capacity by 250 percent, expanding the potential daily production from 200 barrels to 480 barrels per day,” Heavy Seas’ public relations team says. “The brewery’s original 50-barrel system is being replaced with a 60-barrel, 5-vessel system built by Newlands Stainless.”
They also report...
The potential capacity of the new brewhouse is 175,000 barrels per year if operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  As part of this expansion, Heavy Seas has added two 240-barrel fermenters, and has also ordered one 300 barrel bright beer tank, which will take its effective production capacity to just under 70,000 barrels for 2015. Heavy Seas is on pace to produce approximately 45,000 barrels this year.
Hey, I say bring it on! 70,000 barrels? Whoa! Until that happens, I am enjoying their latest Heavy Seas Beer, the seasonal Red Sky at Night Saison right now! It’s a good one for the summer heat with some notes of banana and a dry finish, but still on the potent end at 7.5 percent ABV.



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