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Beer Dinner Interview Part 2: Meet Three Taverns Brewing’s Brian Purcell

After interviewing Chef Nick Leahy about our upcoming beer dinner Thursday, it’s the brewmaster and founder of Three T’s turn. Learn what the new brews are on deck for the rest of the year too!

Hey Craft Beer Sippers!

When laying the groundwork to do a beer dinner with Executive Chef Nick Leahy at his wonderful restaurant, Saltyard, one of the objectives was to go local regarding the brewery we wanted to work with. While there are truly some fantastic brewers from around the city of Atlanta we could choose, Three Taverns was not only one of the newest to hit the streets, but also provided a traditional Belgian-style twist to what they are distributing throughout Georgia. To add, everything from their refreshing Single Intent to their strong, dessert-like Quasimodo quad have consistently reaped accolades and pair perfectly with various types of cuisine. Ultimately, Chef Nick agreed it was a match made in beer heaven, so I gave Three Taverns Owner and Brewmaster Brian Purcell a ring and he was down immediately.
After celebrating his brewery’s first birthday this past July, Brian happily made our beer dinner on Thursday, August 14th at 7 p.m. his top priority. (Did you make your reservations yet? If not, you better hurry and call the Saltyard at 404.382.8088! Walk-ins are welcome, but it wouldn't hurt to call ahead.)
In Part Two of my interview series (Part 1 was with Chef Nick here), I sit down with Brian aka Busy B and talk about how gangster this upcoming beer dinner is going to be through his eyes. Here we go!

Me: After looking at the menu, what pairings excite you from this upcoming dinner? 
Brian and his better half, Susie.
Really, the pairing that excites me most is Three Taverns beer and Chef Nick Leahy. Nick's cultured international experience and global perspective alongside his commitment to local sourcing is a perfect match to my open-minded American approach to traditional Belgian-style beers. Like Nick, my travels overseas and experience with old world beer and food culture has influenced my love for the time-tested monastic approach to brewing, and the Belgian love affair with beer and food cooked with beer.
It doesn't get more Belgian than the way Nick has used our beers as one of the ingredients to the amazing dishes prepared for this dinner. While the Fresno chile-spice character in the mussels paired with A Night In Brussels has me salivating, I'm probably most excited for the grand finale—the desert made and paired with my personal favorite Three Taverns beer, the indomitable Quasimodo, a savory Belgian-style 10 percent [ABV] quadrupel. 

Great answer on all fronts. I dig it. Let’s talk about the new beer you are bringing to the table during the first course.
The reception begins with Pils Mundial, our newest beer that we brewed to commemorate the World Cup [Copa Mundial]. It is a crisp Euro-style pilsner dry hopped with Falconer's Flight 7C's for a distinctly American citrus hop aroma and bite. While this is the only non-Belgian style beer in our portfolio, it is the beer of choice throughout Belgium and the rest of the world for sports. In fact, it was so well received and heavily lauded during the World Cup, we've decided to rename and relaunch it as our newest core beer at the end of the month.
We'll be introducing the new Pils Mundial name and packaging design for the first time at this dinner. Coming to market on draft and in six-packs the first week of September, we hope to inspire a new love and appreciation for the beer sensation first brewed in 1842 in the bohemian city of Pilsen which now represents 90 percent of the beer consumed in the world today.

I purposely waited to get my first sip on at the dinner. I can’t wait to see you got down with that! Speaking of new brews in your portfolio, what's next for Three Taverns including the second coming of Recluse?
We definitely have some new beers coming in the next few months, including the second season [of Theophan The Recluse. [Yes!]We just brewed this season's first batch of the Recluse, our dark and mysterious Belgian-style Russian Imperial Stout that will be ready for release in October. This year's version will have everything that was loved last year with even more depth of body and intensity of flavor.
Before the Recluse there is Le Peche Mode, our new saison fermented with natural Georgia peach juice from Lane Orchards conditioned in 750ml bottles; that releases the end of August. But I may be most excited about a very limited release: It’s a Bourbon Barrel Aged version of Quasimodo we're calling Heavy Bells slated for a September release. The first preview of this beer was a huge hit at our one-year anniversary, and it will be available at select bars on draft and in the big 750ml bottles as well.
Oh, and I can't forget this year's release of Feest Noel, our Christmas quad that was only available on draft during last year's winter holiday season. We are working on what may be our most beautiful label yet with this year's release in the big bottles and on draft in November and December.

You know I am an artwork fanatic so that’s what’s up! As for the upcoming brews, you have my readers drooling for real. Any closing words before the big event tomorrow?
[Laughing.] I'm just excited about hanging out with you and Nick, along with the crowd that comes for the dinner. I love people and nothing beats those moments when we gather around the table over good food and drink and a kind of magic happens. I'll drink to that. Cheers!

Cheers bro! 

As I always say, I loooooooove beer dinners. This one is going to be a good one! Like I said, if you can't make reservations here, walk-ins are cool, plus, if you have a thing with pork, we can take care of that too. Just come through and have a blast with us for the love of beer...and gourmet fare!

Tot ziens! [Look it up.]


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