Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let’s answer a beer bar employee’s call for help.


A super cool homey, server and bartender at Augustine’s Pub named Kia Presley-Meade needs assistance after dealing with a life-threatening injury

Cheers Everyone.

If you frequent a beer bar or any cool eatery for that matter, there are always going to be one or two standout employees who you’ll eventually befriend. Well after going to Augustine’s in Atlanta's Grant Park district—one of my favorite beer bars close to where I live—I noticed that my homey Kia Presley-Meade was not around for a while so I assumed she was on vacation. Well she was indeed on one for a while that unfortunately went a lot longer than she wanted due to a tragic ending.

See, I got this email from Kia stating that she joined up with the website GoFundMe.com to try and get financial assistance for the ridiculous hospital bills she incurred due to a dreadful fall she took while vacationing in St. Thomas. I was truly horrified by its recount of what had happened to someone I considered a friend. The pictures following the incident made the nightmare of a story a reality. Here is what Kia’s page on GoFundMe.com describes:

Dear Friends,

On July 19th, while on vacation in St. Thomas, I experienced a traumatic accident. Getting out of a friend's car I took a step backwards and fell 7.5 ft onto a pile of boulders. I was put on an emergency flight to Miami where I spent ten days in Jackson Memorial Hospital. I suffered two fractures to my skull, fractures to both orbital bones, and brakes to both wrists.

Now that I am home in Atlanta, I am still faced with monumental obstacles. There is a subdural hematoma, a brain bleed, in my right frontal lobe and I have short term memory loss. My continuing care, which includes appointments with specialized neurologists and a neural psychologist and both physical and occupational therapy, will be costly to say the least. As many of you know I am a server and bartender and have been working in the restaurant industry for many years. My injuries make working impossible. Anything you can give to assist in my recovery while I am unable to work would be sincerely and greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. With your help I will be on the path to full health.

Crazy, right? Well after finding out she was back in town, I asked her what I could do to help. She really liked my idea of posting her unfortunate accident on my site. Well here it is. I completed our meeting at Augustine’s by taking a picture complete with Kia’s two broken arms and well-hidden scars. Afterwards, I saw an update from Kia’s page. Check it:

Much to my delight, yesterday’s doctor appointment went well. Things are healing well and all of my symptoms are where they're supposed to be. I'm making good progress during my first month of recovery. And I got my first major itch inside my cast-WOW! Hope the next three weeks go quickly! Thank you to everyone for their support, prayers, and kindness.

The one positive outcome out of this story is that although Kia has both arms broken which inhibits her from serving and bartending, Augustine’s created a new gig to keep her an active employee by handling paperwork. That’s pretty awesome of them to do that.
Ultimately, GoFundMe.com is a brilliant way to help those in need. This is a perfect case. If you can support her, that would be super cool. Again, here is her link.



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