Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Kennesaw Craft Beer Fest is this Saturday!

More than a 100 beers are being poured. The beer list is below. Let’s kick it!

Whaddup Fellow Craft Beer Sippers!

So what are you doing if you are in Atlanta this Saturday? Well if you need a destination, head to the Kennesaw Craft Beer Fest and kick it with one of my favorite reps of Georgia in their hometown—the always extraordinary boundary pushin’ Burnt Hickory—and more than a 100 different brews being poured. Below are all the need-to know details, the website, and ticket prices. Oh, and a shout out goes to one of the individuals responsible for making Georgia the great beer state it is, Mike D!

Where? Depot Park - Downtown Kennesaw
When? Saturday, September 27, 2014, 1pm-6pm
What? 100+ Beers, Live Music, grub, and a whole lot of kickin’ it!
How much? Tickets: $40 advance, $50 day of event
VIP: $70 in advance (No VIP tix will be available on the day of)

*To give you a little extra flavor, here is the beer list, which includes beer ice cream (Ice Cream Bar and Frozen Pints, and whiskey by local distillery Lazy Guy!

The Kennesaw Craft Beer Fest Beer List
Georgia Local Brews
Blue Tarp Bantam Weight Session Ale   4.2%
Blue Tarp  Hopsided IPA Dry Hopped IPA       6.6%
Burnt Hickory BIG SHANTY Graham Cracker Stout       9.0%
Burnt Hickory Ezekiels Wheel Pale Ale         6.5%
Burnt Hickory Cannon Dragger IPA     8.0%
Burnt Hickory Die Kreuzen Imperial Pumpkin Porter  9.0%
Cherry Street Dirty Frenchman Belgian Style Saison           6.2%
Cherry Street Irish Red I Jedeye Irish Red Ale 4.8%
Cherry Street West LA Hopaway IPA West Coast IPA        6.8%
Eagle Creek Grass Roots Lemon Lime Hefe   6.0%
Eagle Creek Spot Tail Light Blonde Ale     4.2%
Eventide Kolsch Kolsch Style Ale       5.3%
Eventide Pale Ale Pale Ale         6.2%
Eventide Stout Stout  4.8%
Jailhouse Slammer Wheat American Wheat Beer        5.0%
Jailhouse Mugshot IPA     6.7%
Jailhouse Misdeameaner Ale  Amber Ale     5.5%
Jailhouse Reprieve French Saison Ale   6.0%
Jekyll Brewing Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA           6.7%
Jekyll Brewing Merican Amber        5.8%
Monday Night Blind Pirate Double IPA   8.2%
Monday Night Nerd Alert Pseudo Pilsner         5.0%
Monday Night Eye Patch IPA            6.2%
Monday Night Fu Man Brew Belgian-style Wit     5.2%
Monday Night Mac Daddy Porter  5.0%
Monk’s Mead Mead American Mead       12.9%
Orpheus Atalanta Saison            5.5%
Orpheus Serpent Bite (IPA) Saison            7.0%
Orpheus Trans Migration of souls Double IPA   10.0%
Orpheus Calliope Saison            6.5%
Red Brick Hoplanta American IPA           6.2%
Red Brick Dog Days Hefeweizen Style Ale          4.1%
Red Hare Gangway IPA American Style IPA 6.2%
Red Hare Long Day Lager Bohemian Style Lager        5.0%
Red Hare Watership Brown American Brown Ale          7.2%
Red Hare Hassenpfeffer Oktoberfest   5.5%
Reformation Atlas American Style IPA 6.8%
Reformation Cadence Belgian Dubble        6.9%
SweetWater 420 West Coast Style Pale Ale  5.4%
SweetWater IPA     6.3%
SweetWater Blue  4.9%
SweetWater Take Two German Style Pilsner         5.0%
SweetWater Waterkeepers Hefe  Hefeweizen   5.7%
SweetWater Georgia Brown         American Brown Ale          5.0%
Terrapin Golden Ale    American Golden Ale         5.3%
Terrapin Rye Pale Ale  American Pale Ale   5.5%
Terrapin RecreationALE         American Session Ale         4.5%
Terrapin Hopsecutioner         IPA     7.3%
Terrapin Pumpkin       Fruit Ale        5.3%
Three Taverns Night in Brussels     Belgian-style American IPA          7.5%
Three Taverns Single Intent Belgian Style Single            5.0%
Three Taverns White Hops   Belgian-style White IPA    6.5%
Wild Heaven Invocation Belgian-style Golden Ale   8.5%
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Imperial Brown Ale 8.2%
Yes Face ESB     ESB     5.4%
Yes Face IPA     IPA     6.5%

American Craft Breweries
21st Amendment     Hell or High Watermelon Summer Wheat       4.9%
21st Amendment     Bitter American       Session Ale   4.4%
Abita  Amber            Munich style Lager 4.5%
Abita  Purple Haze  Lager/Wheat/Pilsner         4.2%
Abita  Restoration   Golden Ale    5.2%
Abita  Strawberry    Lager  4.8%
Abita  Pecan Harvest          Nut Brown Ale         4.4%
Abita  Andy Gator   Helles Doppelbock   8.0%
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA   IPA     7.0%
Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale     5.5%
Bell’s  Two-Hearted Ale     American-style IPA 7.0%
Bell’s  Oberon          Wheat Ale     5.8%
Bell’s  Amber            Amber Ale     6.5%
Bell’s  Kalamazoo Stout     Stout  4.7%
Bell’s  Mars Double IPA     Double IPA   8.0%
Blue Moon    Belgian White          Belgian-Style Wheat Ale    5.4%
Blue Moon    Pumpkin       Belgian-Style Wheat Ale    5.2%
Boulevard     Pop up Session         Session IPA   5.7%
Boulevard     Unfiltered Wheat    American Unfiltered Wheat          4.0%
Finch  Wet Hot American Wheat American Wheat     4.8%
Finch  Golden Wing            Blonde Ale    5.0%
Lazy Magnolia          Southern Pecan       Nut Brown Ale         4.4%
Lazy Magnolia          Southern Hospitality          Session IPA   6.0%
Lone Rider    Shotgun Betty          Hefeweizen   5.8%
Lone Rider    Eve      Amber Ale     5.7%
Magic Hat      #9       Not Quite Pale Ale  5.1%
Magic Hat      Dream Machine       India Pale Lager       5.5%
Mother Earth           Weeping Willow Wit           Belgian Wit   5.0%
Mother Earth           Sunny Haze  German Hefeweizen           5.0%
New Belgium            Fat Tire          Amber Ale     5.2%
New Belgium            Snapshot       Unfiltered Wheat    5.0%
New Belgium            Ranger           IPA     6.5%
New Belgium            Tour de Fall  Pale Ale         5.0%
New Holland Paleooza        Michigan Pale Ale   4.4%
New Holland Sundog Amber         American Amber Ale          4.5%
Ommegang   Fleur Du Houblon  Belgian Ale   5.8%
Ommegang   HopHouse     Dry Hopped Pale Ale           6.0%
Oskar Blues  Old Chub       Scottish Strong Ale 8.0%
Oskar Blues  Dales Pale Ale          Pale Ale         6.5%
Oskar Blues  Mama’s Lil Yella Pilsner    European Pilsner     5.3%
RJ Rockers    Son of a Peach          American Wheat Ale          6.0%
RJ Rockers    Witty Twister           White Ale      4.5%
Rogue Dead Guy      German Maibock     6.7%
Rogue Shakespeare  Oatmeal Stout          5.6%
Sam Adams   Boston Lager            American Lager       4.9%
Sam Adams   October Fest American Wheat Ale          5.3%
Sam Adams   Rebel IPA      IPA     6.5%
Sam Adams   Latitude 48 IPA       IPA     5.3%
Sam Adams   Angry Orchard         Cider  5.5%
Sierra Nevada           Pale Ale         Pale Ale         5.6%
Sierra Nevada           Flip Side Red Red Ale          5.0%
Southbound Hoplin IPA    American IPA           6.2%
Southbound Fade to Red   India Red Ale            8.8%
Southbound Scattered Sun           Belgian Wit   5.2%
Southern Tier          2XIPA Double IPA   8.2%
Southern Tier          Farmers Tan Session IPA   4.6%
Starr Hill       Grateful Pale Ale     American Pale Ale   4.7%
Starr Hill       Whiter Shade           Belgian IPA   6.5%
Starr Hill       The Love       German Hefeweizen           4.6%
Stone  IPA     India Pale Ale           6.9%
Straight to Ale          MonkeyNaut IPA     IPA     7.3%
Straight to Ale          Sand Island Lighthouse     Kolsch            5.1%
Victory           Headwaters Pale Ale           American Pale Ale   5.1%
Yuengling      Lager  American Lager       4.5%
Yuengling      Oktoberfest   Fall Seasonal            5.2%
Blue Point     Toasted Lager           Lager  5.5%
Blue Point     Summer Ale Wheat Ale     4.4%
Bud Light      Prince of Beers         American Light Lager        4.2%
Budweiser     King of Beers            American Lager       5.0%
Cranberita                 Beer Margarita         8.0%
Goose Island 312 Pale         Urban Pale Ale         5.4%
Goose Island Endless IPA  IPA     5.4%
Johnny Appleseed   Cider  Cider  4.5%
Limerita                    Beer Margarita         8.0%
Mangorita                 Beer Margarita         8.0%
Shock Top     White Belgian Wit   5.0%
Shock Top     Lemon           Belgian Wit   5.0%
Shock Top     Rasperry        Belgian Wit   5.0%
Shock Top     Apple  Belgian Wit   5.0%
Strawbarita               Beer Margarita         8.0%
Crispin           Original Cider          Cider  5.0%
Kopparberg   Pear    Cider  4.5%
Kopparberg   Strawberry Lime     Cider  4.5%
Monk’s Mead            Mead  American Mead       12.9%
Omission       Lager  Gluten Free Lager   4.6%
Omission       Pale Ale         Gluten Free Pale Ale          5.8%
Red Bridge    Lager  Gluten free lager     4.4%
Woodchuck   Hopsation     Cider/IPA      4.5%
Woodchuck   Pumpkin       Fall Seasonal            6.5%
Woodchuck   Fall Harvest  Fall Seasonal            5.5%
Estancia         Pinot Noir                
Estancia         Pinot Grigio             
Estancia         Sauvignon Blanc                 
Milestone      White Blend            
Milestone      Chardonnay             
Diseno           Red Blend                
BEER ICE CREAM              
The Ice Cream Bar  Mojito Sorbet                      
The Ice Cream Bar  White Russian                    
The Ice Cream Bar  Bourbon Butter Pecan                  
Frozen Pints Vanilla Bock            
Frozen Pints Malted Choc Stout             
Frozen Pints Pumpkin Ale           
Ballast Point Dorado           Double IPA   10.0%
Ballast Point Dead Ringer  Oktoberfest Lager   6.0%
Burnt Hickory          9353   Peach IPA      7.0%
Goose Island Pepe Nero      Dark Farmhouse Ale          6.4%
Goose Island Sofie   Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale       6.5%
Goose Island Lolita Belgian Style Wild Ale        8.7%
Hoppin’ Frog Doris Oatmeal Stout           Stout  8.4%
Hoppin’ Frog Goose Juice  Rye IPA          7.0%
Ilkley  Mary Janes IPA        TransAtlantic IPA   6.0%
New Belgium            Hop the Pond           Double IPA   8.0%
New Belgium            Yuzu Imperial          Imperial Berliner Weisse   8.0%
New Holland Imperial Hatter        Imperial IPA 9.4%
New Holland Dragon’s Milk          Barrel Aged Stout    11.0%
Sam Adams   Fat Jack         Double Pumpkin     8.5%
Sam Adams Barrel Room  New World    Belgian Style Tripel 10.0%
Sam Adams Barrel Room  Stony Brook Red     Flemish Red 9.0%
Sam Adams Barrel Room  Thirteenth Hour     Belgian Style Ale     9.0%
Southern Tier          Pumpking     Pumpkin Ale 8.6%
Southern Tier          Goat Boy       Imperial Weizenbock          7.5%
Stone  18th Anniversary     Golden Brown IPA  8.5%
Stone  Arrogant Bastard     Aggressive Ale          7.2%
Stone  Unapologetic IPA     Double IPA   8.8%
Three Taverns          Quasimodo   Belgian-Style Quadrupel    10.0%
Victory           Golden Monkey       Belgian-style Tripel 9.5%
Victory           Wild Devil IPA         India Pale Ale           6.7%
Wild Heaven Invocation     Belgian-style Golden Ale   8.5%
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy            Imperial Brown Ale 8.2%
(VIP only)                            
Lazy Guy       Threesome Whiskey                      
Lazy Guy       Cold Heart               
Lazy Guy       The General             
Lazy Guy          Kennesaw Lightning



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