Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ale on BeerPop! Radio Part 1

My dudes Aaron Rolka and Dan Fontaine showed hella love during this one!
Photos by my brother Lamont aka Monzter.
This interview was a fun one!


A week ago, I got invited to sit in on the always entertaining BeerPop! podcast hosted by my homies Aaron Rolka and Dan Fontaine to talk about how I got to where I am now, our mutual love for beer, shit literally being on beer labels, and even superheroes to name a few subjects! The link here: Ale Sharpton on BeerPop! Part 2 will be on IPAs featuring my dog Willie The Kid coming soon.
This episode is hella entertaining (although I do speak my sailor's tongue quite a bit throughout the interview), as I shout out a couple of the best beer bars in Atlanta just a block away from our recording, the Argosy and Midway; some of the pioneers of the game including Matt Simpson, the Beer Sommelier, and legendary 2011 Beerdrinker of the Year, Phil Farrell; plus other some other fun subjects to name a few. The setting was outside during a majestic day in East Atlanta, and of course, the beer was flowing. We poured the Against The Grain Rico Sauvin at 8 percent ABV pimpin' Nelson Sauvin hops out of Louisville, Kentucky here:

And then we discussed their absolutely bugged out Brown Note label that is literally on some shit here:

Upon further review, once I blew it up and looked more closely at this artwork, crap is not shooting out of his ass as I originally thought. It just looks like that. The skid marks are still there front and center though!
Ultimately, cheers to originality. Especially if the beer is awesome like these Against The Grain homies do.
Thanks again Aaron and Dan for having me on! Stay tuned for more radio appearances soon including the epic one with ABL Radio's Day One Radio with Willie The Kid and IAMCLASSICHIPHOP hosted by Star. Evidently, I love being on the mic! 
I owe it all to y'all! 


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