Thursday, March 12, 2015

Come see the documentary Blood, Sweat, and Beer!

The Atlanta Film Festival, Taste of Atlanta, and yours truly will feature this film on Sunday, March 22 plus an afterparty!

Hey Craft Beer Lovers!

As usual, I always have something going on and this event promises to be a major one! Working alongside The Atlanta Film Festival and Taste of Atlanta’s Food On Film, we will be presenting the revered independent documentary Blood, Sweat, & Beer, featuring the fruition of two craft breweries—The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company and Shorebelly Brewing Company—on Sunday, March 22nd at Noon at the historic Plaza Theatre. Killer!
Capturing everything from brewing their first batch of flagship beer recipes to dealing with infuriating lawsuits, this moving film will affect all viewers…and make them thirsty. To quench the latter, there will be an afterparty at Highland Inn Ballroom beginning at 1:30 p.m. Serving up delectable fare from some of Atlanta’s finest eateries and, yes, beer from Georgia’s local breweries, we are partying hard! 
As for your homey Ale, I will be conducting a Q&A directly after the viewing followed by a few of my strongly suggested food and beer pairings at the Callanwolde, so you know it will be a blast! (If you are familiar with how I get down, there will also be a few more surprises on deck!) The most kickass thing is all of this will be only $10 if you get your tickets and more info on Scout Mob here!
On the real, hurry up before they’re sold out! Seriously, that will happen.



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