Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The 2015 Classic City Brew Fest was, well, Classic!

Here are some gangster photos to prove it!

Whaddup Everyone!

As usual, the Classic City Brew Fest held in Athens, Georgia was an incredible time. Not only is this one of my top three beer fests in Georgia, but with it being the 20th anniversary this past Sunday, it made it that much more grand. I mean come on, more than 400 beers to sip, 28 rare casks, live music and most importantly, great people buzzing throughout the Graduate Hotel grounds, this was one of the most memorable ones I have had the pleasure of covering. A major shout out goes to Owen Ogletree, the man with the plan to make this happen.
To show more love besides this written shout out, here are some of the dope pictures I, along with my brother Lamont, took. From kicking it with some of the individuals responsible for Georgia’s beer scene being increasingly gangster (Owen, Matt Simpson, Phil Farrell, brewery reps, distributors, aficionados, cool ass people, etc.), to standout brews that wowed me, enjoy these flicks!
To all of the folks in ATL, Athens and surrounding communities, much love!
Let’s keep sippin’ and supporting the craft! Stay tuned for our visit to the Trappeze Pub soon too!

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Now on to the snaps...


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