Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Check out the awesome (and interactive) Infographic for Craft Beer Week!

Thanks to,, it is further confirmed that U.S. craft beers kick ass!


My homies put me on to their latest infogram because they know I love cool graphics, popping color, beer, and a quick fix for information while I am on the go. This one above along with the extra dope interactive map here landed it during the spirit of Craft Beer Week! Scan over any region and a fun fact pops up!
Only one small beef: I wish Georgia, where I live, got more love than the three "Ps" and the haytin' restrictions that still curb our gangster brewers throughout the state! We still manage to brew liquid dopeness with or without our archaic laws thanks to the 14% ABV limit we implemented about a decade ago. In all fairness, the fun fact still reflects our potential though.
By the way, they have a beer calendar of things going on nationally this week here!
Please keep supporting the art of brewing. You know I do!
Thanks again,! Keep reppin' the craft.


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