Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Check out my latest FirstWeFeast beer tasting!

This one is with dead prez's DJ mikeflo!

Hey Y'all!

I hope you good dads out there took advantage of my two Annual Father's Day Gift Guides I posted for ya here and here!
Anyway, I juuuuust got back from kicking it hard with my brother from another mother, Willie The Kid, at his hometown in Grand Rapids, Michigan for an awesome beer fest hosted by one of the best breweries in the world, Founders. Stay tuned for pics, something Willie and I have in the works, and more coverage about my entire stay in that great city. I also got some love in Detroit too! 
Me and Devin the Dude sippin' Unibroue.
Photo by homey Maurice Garland
Upon my Atlanta arrival, I see that one of the best sites I write for, FirstWeFeast, just posted another installment of my curated beer tastings with celebs, musicians, and hip hop aficionados. The very first one I did was with Devin The Dude almost exactly six years ago! It was June 19, 2009 to be exact. 
Well here is the latest edition with my globetrotting homey, entrepreneur, stylist, rocker, spinner, musician and pure talent mikeflo. After returning from a show in Paris with his group dead prez, Rakim, Busta Rhymes and EPMD (Whoa!), I took him to the extra gangster beer bar in East Atlanta, Argosy, where my man Armando set us up; I selected six ales from some of the most gangster breweries throughout the U.S. including Great Divide, Evil Twin, Burnt Hickory, Boulevard, Ballast Point, and Creature Comforts for Mike to enjoy. My bro Lamont was on the lens. 
Here is the full article. Mr. Flo is starting to become quite the ale enthusiast as you can see from his impressive interpretations. He also did a fantastic job fulfilling my request to compare each beer to a rapper! Willie did it with me last time here and it was hit! This one with Mike is equally dope. Thanks for checking it out in advance.
And please make sure you keep in ear out for what I am doing with mikeflo soon too. You will dig it!


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