Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stone Brewing Co. Releases Stone Saison!

I can’t wait to try this one!

What's up craft beer lovers!

To continue my updates of brews being released for our enjoyment during the warm months (you lucky West Coasters are excluded from weather being seasonal), there is a new joint to pour made by one of my favorite breweries—Stone!
This time, it’s their new Saison at six percent ABV that just hit the shelves. After reading the ingredients, I MUST grab a six of this sipper, including lemon thyme, lavender, lemon zest, “grains of paradise” aka Aframomum melegueta from the ginger family sourced from Africa, and a slight dose of heat from Habanero peppers. Sounds dope, right? Well here is their official breakdown below straight from the brewery.
Go here for more info as well.

Happy Sippin’!

Stone Brewing Co. is reintroducing its take on a traditional Belgian farmhouse ale, using Southern California ingredients grown on its 19-acre farm. Stone Saison is brewed with lemon zest, grains of paradise, lemon thyme, lavender and a small dose of habanero peppers, making it the quintessential refresher for the warm-weather months. Starting today, the beer returns in 12-ounce six-packs and on draft to retailers, restaurants and bars in markets where Stone beers are sold.

“Before we began brewing batches of this year’s release, we looked at a few ways to slightly improve on last year’s recipe for Stone Saison,” said Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele. “The herbs and spices remain the same, but we adjusted the proportions to create a refined combination highlighting each ingredient while offering a perfectly balanced flavor profile overall.”

Grown at the craft beer company’s Stone Farms, lemon thyme and lavender contribute floral, citrusy aromas and flavors, while lemon zest and grains of paradise add vibrant grapefruit and white pepper notes that mingle with restrained, earthy heat brought on by habanero peppers. These homegrown specialty edibles balance exceptionally well with the subtle banana and clove qualities courtesy of Stone’s house strain of Belgian yeast. The resulting beer finishes with a crisp, dry and refreshing mix of spices, red apple and a hint of heat.



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