Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Heroes Villains goes down tonight! Answers to questions here!

Here's a sneak peek courtesy of phenomenal artist Dubelyoo. This is his Storm!

Hey You!

I along with my company AllWays Open have been working our asses off to get this production ready for you tonight starting at 5:30. Here are some questions I have been asked to help get you in:
  • Can I get both glasses? Absolutely! For a measly $5 more, you can have the dynamic duo!
  • Will there be food? Yep! My dude Doggy Dogg aka The Dogg Haus will have his delicious hot dogs on deck!
  • Are kids allowed? Yes. Oh, and they have ginger ale brewed on site that is Dy-No-Mite!
  • Can we get tickets at the door? Yep! You just won't get that free autographed print for getting tickets online here!
  • Will there be art for sale? Hell yeah!
  • Is there an Uber code? Yep! We got you covered. Use the promo code #HVATL and you will get $20 off your first ride!
  • Can we dress up? We encourage it! There is even a costume contest!
Sound good? See in a few hours! And thanks so much for your support!


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