Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October is Stacked For Beer, Food and Art!

This week-long art explosion by the City of Atlanta (featuring my company AllWays Open and artist Brandon Sadler) kicks off Thursday through next week throughout Atlanta!
Check out these awesome posters for things poppin' off during the 10th month!


October continues to bring the heat while the weather cools down and I wanted to post a few cool art posters informing us of the numerous events going down starting Thursday with Elevate Atlanta and Bone Lick's Pop Up in the Music Room along Edgewood Ave. in Old Fourth Ward. 
Of course, there is ash*tload more including New Belgium and Three Tavern's collaboration before the Decatur Beer Fest, a new brunch menu at Ormsby's beginning on Saturday, reggae sounds at Sound Table on Sunday, and then Atlanta Beer Week kicks in thanks to Taco Mac's help keeping it relevant for starters. I will be adding more updates to keep you, my cherished followers, in the loop, but for now, enjoy these awesome posters which include the info to what's poppin' around town! And unbelievably, there is more to come!
Can we kick it? Yes we CAN! 



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