Monday, November 16, 2015

Thrillist Nominates Me For Atlanta's Mayor!

How dope is this?


Okay, so I get back home from kicking it in Blue Ridge, Georgia and staying in one of the Mountain Top cabins to get a breather literally (love the mountain air), and I see Twitter homies pumping this article out when I wake up: "Thrillist Atlanta's 15 People Who Should Be Mayor Of Atlanta." 
First, Hilton Hotels retweets it (thank you), and then PR queen Caren West and media specialist Catherine Koonce hit me up. 
I was so blown away by this; especially when I kid around saying I am the Mayor of Beer in ATL and do the best I can to let the world know how gangster this city is when it comes to ales and lagers. A tear is shed.
A definite shout out to Thrillist Editor Mike Jordan for writing this clever piece and including me and my AllWays Open Creative team (Eric Nine, Mike Moore, and Truth) in the company of some MAJOR playas including Elton John, Killer Mike, Mike LaSage, Grant Henry, Steven Koonin, Bem Joiner, JC Winter, Janelle MonĂ¡e, Arthur Blank, L.A. Reid, Ford Fry, Ludacris, and Clark Howard. Super dope!
Oh, and an extra shout out to the brilliant Chris Watkins for taking that flick of me doing a video in front of Hop City on Marietta Street!
Trust me, if I was mayor, ATL would be even more cray in a good way for beer and art, and the traffic would be better some 'effin how. I do want to commend Mayor Kasim Reed on what he has done, though. 'Nuf respect. 
Long live The A!

Love y'all!


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