Friday, January 1, 2016

Check out my cover feature on Jekyll Brewing!

Check out the dope layout on my 
Jekyll Brewing cover feature.

Hoppy New Year!

I hope you had a blast ushering in 2016. I know I did! 
Well to start things off, I just received the physical version of my cover feature on Alpharetta, Georgia's own Jekyll Brewing. I also shot everything for it and hope you like what you see. I review cars and write features from time to time if they really interest me for Lifestyle Publications, a company that specializes in producing more than 30 issues nationwide highlighting specific affluent neighborhoods. They are blowing up and I am happy to be a part of the growth. Working with one of the coolest editors in the world, Sue Collins, doesn't hurt either. Here is the digital version.
Look for my special blog feature where I ask some super cool folks in the beer industry, artists and even a few celebs what their favorite beer was of the year in the next post!



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  1. The reason I liked here is that New York venues are so intimate and personable and while having astounding atmosphere! Really more suited and perfect for experiencing great food and having a good time.