Thursday, February 4, 2016

Here Comes HopSlam…in Cans!

The frenzy begins today in ATL and the rest of the South for one of the highest sought beers in history!

Whaddup Hop Heads?!

Yep, it’s game on for HopSlamBell’s high-powered Indian Pale Ale brewed with honey at 10 percent ABV out of Kalamazoo, Michigan—as it enters stores today in Georgia’s capital and throughout the Southern region of the U.S.
Fanatics for this awesome IPA in general are certain to hit up all retailers and get it before it’s gone, but they better be prepared for one major change: It’s packaged in 6-pack cans! After talking to one of their representatives, here is Bell’s list of reasons for leaving glass ass out this year:
  • The want it as fresh as possible
  • They are giving their existing bottling line a break while their new Comstock Brewery and more efficient Bottling Hall are being constructed.
  • It gets to their distributors faster. Remember, IPAs are the best at their freshest!
  • Quality is better maintained in cans.
Of course, less breakage and other factors come in too, ya dig? I personally like IPAs out of cans because they seem to have bit more zing to me when they are at their youngest.
Anyway, to find out where the hell HopSlam is around your area, use the Bell’s Beer Finder at, type in your zip code or city and state. They say to call your destinations before heading over there in case these cans are ghost!
And don’t worry Southerners, we got our cans from the new batch of HopSlam, not the initial one that has been out for weeks up in the North. Whew!
Happy sippin'!

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