Tuesday, October 11, 2016

National Bourbon Month is still going at Holeman & Finch!

Check out their gangster list below!
Yo, yo!

Of course we know that Atlanta’s beloved Holeman & Finch Public House is world renowned for their awesome, lip-smackin' burgers, but their bar is also no joke. Celebrating National Bourbon Month with their “Breakeven Bottle Program” in September, H&F has graciously extended it into October for all of you sophisticated sippers!
Here is their amazing roster of hard-to-find bottles of America’s oldest spirit priced per ounce:
Jim Beam Signature Craft Red Wheat - $2.42
Four Roses Eliot's Single Barrel - $4.35
Bellemeade XO Cognac Finish - $2.43
Lock Stock & Barrel - $5.37
Blood Oath #2 - $3.91
Four Roses Limited Edition 2015 Small Batch - $3.75
Hillrock PX Finish - $3.28
Nikka 17 year - $4.43
Whistle Pig Sauternes Finish - $3.64
Michter's Yellow Spot - $3.24
Royal Lochnagar - 3.99
Nikka 21 year - $5.28
Whistle Pig 15 year - $6.25
Yamazaki 18 year - $6.92



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