Monday, May 29, 2017

Here are two videos with Orpheus Founder and Brewmaster Jason Pellett!

We are discussing two of their numerous gangster brews being poured at Orpheus’ third anniversary.

Yep, it’s your homey Ale back on the screen and this time I'm kicking it with Orpheus Brewing’s head honcho Jason Pellett discussing two of the many brews being poured during their three-day celebration Memorial Weekend to close year three of brewing brilliance. 
This first video (with the screenshot above) features a wild ale with maybe the longest name in beer history—Like a White Curtain Blowing inthe Draft From a Half-Opened Window Beside a Chair on Which Nobody Sits. Crazy, right? Here is the label:

This second joint here has me and Brother J sipping the bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, 12th Labor. This one is also bananas. (That is good thing.)
Here is the artwork designed by David Hale:
I hope you have a chance to swing by and try these brews, plus a gang of other joints responsible for Orpheus existing, succeeding, and happily keeping Georgia refreshed for the trifecta and beyond.
Shout out to Noelle with Elle PR, Laura and Forage Films for shooting this joint. 
Ultimately, keep supporting craft beer!


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