Saturday, June 30, 2018

Your brother Ale is on A&E’s Wahlburgers Show!

Since I have been traveling crazy, I just saw it On Demand on A&E. It’s Episode 3 of Season 9. It comes on again Sunday, July 1st at 4pm. Check local listings for sure! Peep it! (Photo by Andrea Janise)

After getting the call from the public relations team representing one of the  popular Wahlburgers locations inside The Battery Atlanta complex (455 Legends Place #874, Atlanta, GA 30339) on April 6th to be a guest on its self-titled popular A&E show. It's based on the entrepreneurial ventures of the celebrity Wahlberg Brothers Donnie, Mark and Paul, and it was a no-brainer to say hell yeah! But it was even more of a go after I heard what we were talking about: Impossible Burgers. Since I don't eat beef like that, I'm constantly been on a hunt to find tasty substitutes. The episode’s theme is to find a healthier route for their customers of the very successful food franchise, so I met up with the chef of the Wahlberg bros—Paul—and tried his interpretation of how to flip the burgeoning plant-based patty into a lip-smackin’ double stack. Of course, the show's camera crew was there to capture the experience for a future episode "sometime in June" of 2018 I was told. To remain true to my passion and expertise, I got to order a brew I think would complement the burger, sip it while Paul made his creation from scratch, and soon our taste buds were in bliss. He did a damn good job with the additions of Sriracha Sauce and smoked cheddar, two flavors I had yet to try with the Impossible Burger. Here is more information about what an Impossible Burger actually is invented by Impossible Foods out of Northern California. They are blowing up for sure. (Along with Wahlburgers’ version, my favorites in the Atlanta area are at the Argosy in East Atlanta and Grant Park’s Grindhouse on Memorial Drive, so definitely see which one is your most gangster.)
Anyway, I Instagrammed it the next day and didn't know it aired until my boy who owns Atlanta Beer Bus sent me a direct message saying I did a great job on it last night. I was like, What???! I immediately searched for it on On Demand and boom! It was up.
All in all, I had a ball with Paul who was truly down to earth, funny, and accurately portrayed on the show as a passionate chef who finds having “me time” very difficult due to his demand for perfection in anything he touches. This episode has some special guests besides myself (Ha!) including Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski kicking it with Mark and a talented teen street performer who has his dreams answered thanks to Donnie. Please check it out On Demand. The episode is called “Paul the Pitch Man.” Oh! And I have been asked what beer was in the cup while chilling at the bar and pairing it with Paul's burger. We were sipping the Wahlburgers house brew called the “Wahlbrewski” fittingly brewed by Boston's legendary Harpoon Brewery! This unfiltered Pale Ale stood up to the smoke of the cheddar, yet didn't dominate the palate so that the numerous toppings Paul's burger had could shine. It worked!
This show is on some real shit regarding how they work together as a tight family and it was an honor and blessing to be on it. And most importantly, thanks to you for reading this on my blog. It means a lot.
In the end, getting this call and opportunity proves that nothing is impossible if you have faith. Real talk.



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