Friday, September 7, 2018

The Brooklyn Mansion is coming to ATL!

Get your tickets here!
Photo by Ty Worthington
You know I love dope beer events and this is definitely one of ‘em!
Cheers Y’all!
One of the most renowned craft breweries in the world, Brooklyn Brewery, is making more movies than a mobile with their gangster ‘Mansion’ party that travels throughout the U.S. When I first heard about this concept, I knew it was something a lot different from your typical tastings, beer festivals, tap takeovers, you name it. Well below is the breakdown and I am attending the Atlanta version next Friday, September 14th at 787 Windsor in Mechanicsville (see the sidebar for more info and tickets), as well as its Pre-Party at Victory the night before. Go here to get your tickets. The next one after that will be in Minneapolis on October 26-27.
Check this official write up straight from the Brooklyn Brewery website. 
See you there!

Welcome To Beer Mansion 2018 

Brooklyn Brewery says: We are lucky enough as drinkers to exist in an unparalleled golden age of beer. The beverage itself has been a part of human life since the dawn of time. But this era of nearly unlimited choice, experimentation, style worship and iconoclasm, storytelling, and sheer fun has never existed before. As brewers, we think is something worth celebrating, and worth celebrating on a massive scale. Every day finds a new beer release, a brewery opening, a favored bartender holding down a shift, a revamped tasting room strutting its stuff, a birthday party, or simply a few kegs of something tasty. We love those parties. From the highest brows to the lowest dives, the loudest shows to the humblest game nights, the camaraderie and passion are a continual source of inspiration.

Plus, there's beer. Like, a lot of beer. And that's inspiring too.

Beer Mansion combines our favorite parties into one. There are four distinct celebrations within the Mansion's walls: The Show, The Bazaar, The Arcade, and The Speakeasy. Each of these represents a certain type of party experience, and all of them celebrate beer. On any other night, you would have to pick and choose which you would attend, but inside Beer Mansion it's as simple as walking down the hall. Each room is filled with games, music, tech, surprises, and of course, beer from us and some of our local friends in each city.
The most important thing to remember at Beer Mansion is that there is no "right way" to experience it. Poke around, find your favorite spots, and try as many beers as catch your eye.

The only "wrong way" is to stand still. And honestly, even then you'd probably have a lot of fun.

Catch us on the road this year and come explore. We'll be waiting for you.



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