Saturday, November 24, 2018

Check me out kicking it with the Bitch Beer Podcast!

From left to right,’s Ashley Powers, Benjamin Guilbault, and Caroline King had me talking about a lot of fun shit. It was a dope time. Take a listen here!
(Photo taken by my bro Lamont.)

I have been so crazy on the go working on some major projects including one with New Belgium I am set to announce officially soon, plus deadlines of my articles due for, Lifestyle Publications,, and filming for ButterATL, so shit has been hectic. And then it occurred to me that I never posted this fun and increasingly popular podcast I was the feature guest for titled Beer Bitch
It was a humorous, yet often deep discussion about how I began my career, the craft beer scene’s need for more diversity, the roles of women, and other dopeness. And although this was recorded just prior to voting, the topics we covered will make this episode relevant for years to come. Having two women hosting—Caroline King and Ashley Powers alongside engineer Benjamin Guilbault—this podcast session (with a name I had to make sure was permissible to repeat) was truly a blast, and I wish it continued success.
By the way, this recording took place at one of my old stomping grounds, the original Hop City in West Midtown Atlanta; once we got setup, the sipping commenced followed by a very entertaining conversation. Check it out here! (Oh! And that project I mentioned in the first sentence is discussed a bit too in this episode.)



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