Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Peep my new article for Thrillist on Black-owned breweries!

Thrillist provides the opportunity to give this issue more light and I happily jumped on it.

Peace Fam.

Here is my latest piece and I hope you dig it. I am already getting a lot of feedback since waking up this morning and getting a sea of texts about it. It's rewarding to say the least, but the grand prize is giving Black breweries some love in such a major media resource like Thrillist. I want to thank Food & Drink Editor Adriana Valez for providing the opportunity to make it happen, along with everyone who helped me put this article together.
I will say that I am certain there are more breweries out there that may not have been mentioned in the article, so please send me your info so that the list will be even more complete in the future. And for those that were mentioned, keep on pushing. Craft beer is for everyone.

Your bro,


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