Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm kicking it in Quebec!

Twelve brews 'Around the Clock' at Les Brasseurs du Temps

Hey Beer Sippers!
I can't talk long because I am on the go and everything has been a blur since I arrived here here in Gatineau, Quebec regarding beer, good times and awesome people. I am about to take part in the very first Gatineau Beerfest from May 27-29, featuring some of the best breweries in Quebec right on the Ottawa River. I got a sneak peek last night and I can't wait to kick it there today! Here is the website:
My man "Dom" the Brewmaster 
Anyway, I spent all of last night at one of the most incredible microbrewery/gastropubs I have ever been to called Les Brasseurs du Temps that sits on a waterway called, yes, Brewery Creek. It  boasts a two-level spiraling hallway exhibit documenting brewing history since the days of Egypt through the region's rich brewing past up to the present; twelve fantastic beers brewed on site (plus one outside brewery's) that are served collectively on a tray which they call "Around the Clock"; and some serious gourmet grub!  You must go! Check it out:
Okay, I gotta jump in the shower and gear up for a day of serious brew sippin'! Quebec is the shiiiiizzzzznit! (That's a good thing, folks!)
Much love!

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