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Part One: What’s Poppin’ in ATL for 2019!

Photo courtesy of Blue Hominy
White Bull throws down on Saturday, Jan. 12: 
Cocktails: An American Story, Chapter 3 - “Renaissance"

Yo, yo!!!
How have y’all been for then the new year so far? I have been rockin’ and rollin’ to get some news developed to come your way soon. I promise to have more content in 2019 as well. Folks have been asking for more updates so I will find the time to give it to ya! Shit has been hectic, but in a good way. My Instagram is always updated, so for quick fixes, hit that up for sure!
Speaking of which, if you have been on there lately, you can see that I was in Beech Mountain, NC, for their annual WinterFest Beer Fest with my bro and amazing lyricist Willie The Kid. We tore it up out there and will certainly be back. Check this out!
Anyway, arriving back to my cherished hometown of ATL, I had to see what is popping this month, and beyond. My trusty insiders who keep me in the loop have provided me a list of events, openings, date night possibilities, highlights, and even Super Bowl throw downs I want you to be aware of. And with that, here is the first installment of my What’s Poppin’ in ATL for 2019. Look for more asap! Like I said, I am going to update this a lot more, have guest writers, and surprise you with something I have in the works. Stay tuned. And thank you. I appreciate you checking me out. I promise to make it worth your while.
Now let’s kick it in the A! This is straight from the source.
Your bro,
314 East Howard Avenue

Ammazza Decatur Launches Beverage Program!
Ammazza, the Atlanta-based pizzeria and restaurant, announces the launch of its much-anticipated beverage program at its newly opened Decatur location! Led by General Manager Daniel Bridges, Ammazza's drink menu offers a seasonally driven selection of creative cocktails, beer, and small production wines designed to pair with the restaurant's food menu of reimagined staples in the Italian style, such as insalata, antipasto, pasta, and made-from-scratch pizza.


1465 Howell Mill Rd

Join the team at UrbanTree for a fresh and new INCIDER spin on cocktail classes with Independent Distilling Company. During the Jan. 24 class, guests can learn how to prepare four different full-size cocktails from take-home recipes and will receive a 750mL cider bottle of their choice. Tickets are $60/each and can be purchased here.

656 N. Highland Ave NE
Sun., Feb. 3 - Super Bowl Watch Party
The Super Bowl is coming to Atlanta, and Sweet Auburn is the place to watch and celebrate! Throughout the game, the restaurant will offer $20 all-you-can-eat wings and $4 select draft beers.

Tues., Feb. 12 - Chinese New Year Celebration
Save the date: Sweet Auburn BBQ’s annual, beloved Chinese New Year celebration is back on Feb. 12! Inspired by the Malaysian-Chinese roots of owners and siblings Howard and Anita Hsu, a specially curated a la carte menu will include shareable plates to honor the occasion. Traditional lion dancers will also perform for guests throughout the night, and more details are to come.

123 East Court Square (Decatur)

Sat., Jan. 12 – Cocktails: An American Story, Chapter 3 - “Renaissance"
Join The White Bull’s Beverage Director Matthew Scott as he traces the story of the cocktail. This event series provides attendees with a detailed history of the US’most memorable and iconic cocktail recipes, along with tastes of each. Guests, who must be 21+ to attend, can choose their favorite concoction from the list and work with Matthew one-on-one to recreate it themselves.
The Cosmo did more than just open the door to craft cocktails; its very name was an ethos statement for those with a desire to be seen as sophisticated drinkers. Here, the cocktail history story spends 15 years in New York, seeing the invention of the first ‘modern classic cocktail’ (Penicillin), bartenders pouring through old texts to find lost classics (Aviation), collaborating with chefs as “craft” became the service industry buzzword (fatwashed old fashioned), or developing new techniques (Dreams of My Youth). As the aughts turned into the teens, the national conscience sought to become more environmentally friendly, leading to closed loop cocktails (Katie’s Alley), and socially aware, sourcing spirits from more social welfare-minded distillers (Pisco my Heart). The class is from 12:30-2:30pm, and tickets (here) are $55/person.

Fri., Jan. 18 – Chef Pat’s Artisan Pasta Class at The Cook’s Warehouse
Chef Pat Pascarella, a.k.a. The Pasta King, will guide students through the process of pasta making with homemade featherlight gnocchi and a rich tomato ragu. Participants will learn about flours, shapes, sauces, and storage – everything to make restaurant-worthy pasta at home! The class is sold out, but interested participants can join the waitlist here, and tickets are $79/person.

The White Bull is hosting a series of six two-hour classes that explore a variety of different pastas and sauces found throughout regions in Italy. Next up is the Emilia Romagna region on January 19. From 11am to 2pm, The White Bull’s Executive Chef Pat Pascarella will guide guests through the process of making three different region-specific dishes, staying true to the ideology of “What grows together goes together.” An in-depth discussion will touch upon everything from varying types of flour to the history of each region and how that history has ultimately influenced the areas’ cuisines. Guests can enjoy a pasta dish and glass of wine at the conclusion of every class. Reservations are available here for $65 per person. Following Emilia Romagna, there will be classes on the Lazio, Tuscany, and Piedmont regions.

Ponce City Market & The Battery

Fri., Jan. 11 - Salon Tropical Fridays
Every Friday at their Battery location, El Super Pan hosts Salon Tropical! Beginning at 8pm, guests to the restaurant can enjoy tropical drink and beer specials and Latin music from a rotating roster of local DJs. There’s no cover to attend, and free two-hour parking is available in the deck. For more info, please click here.

Sat., Jan. 12 - Rumba Saturdays
Eat and get loose Saturdays at El Super Pan’s Battery location! Beginning at 8pm, local DJs play salsa, reggaeton, pop, retro, merengue, bachata, and more, and the restaurant offers drink specials. There’s no cover to attend, and free two-hour deck parking is available.

Join El Super Pan at The Battery to celebrate the Festival de San Sebastián, the Puerto Rican festival commemorating the end of the holiday season. The restaurant will honor those traditions with a multi-course dinner (including Arroz con Gandules y Lechon, Pasteles, and  Yuca Fritters), drink specials (such as Metralla, the Punch de Navidad, and Mojitos de Parcha), salsa and plena music, and dancing. The event takes place from 4-8pm and tickets are $45/each.

99 Krog Street

Throughout January - Guided Chocolate Tour & Tasting  
Join Xocolatl for an evening of chocolate! Their team will walk guests through the chocolate making process from bean-to-bar at their micro-factory inside Krog Street Market. Following the tour, guests will enjoy a guided tasting of single origin dark chocolates made from ethically sourced cacao from around the world with wine to pair. Tickets ($25) and more information can be found here.

1317 Logan Circle NW

Sun., Jan. 20 - Atlanta Sushi Class
Sushi lovers are invited to a special two-hour class at Second Self’s tasting room! On Jan. 20 from 2-4pm, the lesson is hosted by Birmingham Sushi Class and will teach attendees how to make perfect sushi rice, where to shop for ingredients, how to make sauces, and how to serve raw fish at home. All guests will be served two rolls and will bring home a cheat sheet filled with tips, tricks, and recipes. Tickets are $40/each and can be purchased online.

Fri., Jan. 25 - Comedy Night
Comedy Night returns to Second Self on Jan. 25! Free to attend, the show is hosted by Vas Sanchez, who will welcome several local comedians to perform beginning at 7pm. Please note the event is for adults only as there will be adult content.

299 North Highland Avenue NE

Sun., Feb. 23 - Super Bowl Sunday: All-Day Tailgate & Watch Party
Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at Hampton + Hudson with an all-day tailgate leading up to the big game. Brunch will be served from 10am-2:30pm, and that evening, they'll be playing the game on TVs throughout the restaurant, on the patio, and on their big screen. Food and drink specials will be available, and fans of all NFL teams are welcome.

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It’s Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’s all-new Movemaker Series!

Guest writer Stephanie Grant profiles Second Self brewer Zuri Coleman.

Cheers Y’all!
It’s been an eventful, productive and often controversial 2018 in the craft beer scene, and I had quite an experience covering every minute of it. For the upcoming new year, I want to definitely do a lot more profiles on what I call the “Movemakers Series”—basically, enterprising individuals who are making moves whether it’s in the craft beer world and, sometimes, beyond; they will not only have an extraordinary story, but are all about influencing the landscape in a beneficial, progressive way. Second,  I also want to provide guest writers—both aspiring and seasoned—who want to cover this wondrous industry an opportunity to share their thoughts from time to time on this site. Combing these two goals, here is an article by Stephanie Grant, a bourgeoning writer who also lives in Atlanta. We mutually agreed a piece on Second Self’s brewer Zuri Coleman would be a great start, so here we are. So please, enjoy. I mean hey, why wait for 2019? Let’s get it poppin’ now!
Happy Holidays everyone, thank you for the support, and let’s look forward to another unforgettable year!
Take it away Steph.

The Movemaker Series presents:
Guest writer Stephanie Grant (L) and Second Self brewer Zuri Coleman.
Second Self brewer Zuri Coleman
Written by guest contributor Stephanie Grant

Thousands of years ago, women were ideal in the production of beer, but today’s popular assumption is that anyone associated with ales and lagers are bearded white men. Females make up a small percentage of brewers in the nation, and Georgia echoes the numbers seen at a national level. I was able to sit down with one of Atlanta’s most respected brewers, Second Self Brewing’s Zuri Coleman, who also happens to be one of the select few women brewing in the city. We talked about how she got her start, her plans for the future, and the current state of diversity in the craft beer scene. As a black, queer woman, Coleman’s mere presence as quiet, humble, and soft spoken breaks the expectation of who you would expect to be brewing beer. She started out at Second Self more than three years ago without any prior brewing experience. Through hard work, determination, and initiative, Coleman was able to move from volunteering in the taproom to working as a full-time brewer.
Your homie, Stephanie, Zuri, and Jason Santamaria,
co-founder of Second Self
Like most beer lovers, Coleman’s journey started in college where the choices were the usual cheap, adjunct-loaded beer and sweet mixed drinks. One day, a friend brought Coleman a Blue Moon, and while it was not technically a craft beer, this sip still helped her realize that there was more to the beer world’s flavor profiles than what she was used to drinking.
From there, Coleman couldn’t go back to drinking the cheap brews she was used to, and started to venture out to growler and bottle shops. Filling up her first vessel with Heavy Seas’ Below Decks, a barley wine aged for a year in red wine barrels. Eventually, she visited her first brewery—Atlanta Brewing Company—though Monday Night Brewing became her go-to destination during study breaks.
But it was a visit to Second Self based on Atlanta’s west side that led to Coleman being one of a handful of female brewers in Georgia. During a visit to the brewery, she noticed that they could use a little help behind the bar so she offered her services. After a few months, Coleman started washing kegs and by the end of the year, began dabbling into assisting in brewing.
“Chris [Doyle] and Jason [Santamaria] never doubt their employees’ abilities to try new things in both brewing and day-to-day work,” Coleman explains. “So when I was a keg washer and expressed an interest in learning more about fermentation and taking on more responsibilities, there was no hesitation in teaching me more about the process.”
When Coleman became interested in brewing, head brewer Chris Doyle and assistant brewer Austin Brumley happily started teaching her how the brewhouse works. Second Self even provided her spare time while on the clock to study for the American Brewers Guild.
It wasn’t long before Coleman decided to pitch an idea for a beer—the infamous Margarita Gose. Inspired by meeting friends weekly for margaritas, there was one night when they weren’t able to meet up, so Coleman grabbed the margarita mix from her car brought it back home, and the rest became historic.
“While kegging [Second Self’s] Maverick and Gose that week, I decided to open a keg and pour in the [margarita] mix for the taproom that weekend,” Coleman recounts. After being well received, Second Self modified the recipe during the following year to include more natural ingredients including lime juice and orange peels. It’s not difficult to find a margarita gose at your local craft beer shop now, but Coleman’s was one of the first of its kind.
Coleman and Brumley manage the brewhouse, and contrary to popular belief, brewers don’t spend their days drinking. Coleman says it’s a fun job, but working in the brewhouse can be exhausting. While she’s happy to call Second Self home, she doesn’t think she’ll be throwing around bags of grain and working in the heat forever. One day she hopes to transition to a management position and potentially consult on new and existing spaces in the industry.
For now, Coleman thoughts are on future brews, including one using the Pink Boots Society Hop blend for International Women's Day on March 8th. But before that, Second Shelf has a few more collaborations in the works for an event in February.
“We're letting other breweries make their version of Second Self beers, and we'll serve them at the brewery during our Alter Ego party on February 22,” Coleman explains. Stay tuned for more details.
We couldn’t end our conversation without talking about diversity, a recurring topic in the beer world; I wanted to get Coleman’s take on what breweries and beer bars could do to make people from all walks of life not only feel welcome, but be a part of it. She says that a lot of places talk about how much they love diversity, but it’s important to act on what you’re saying by supporting minority communities with your actions.
“Allow them to host, sponsor their events, and hire them for a wide range of positions,” Coleman says. “Include them in your advertising and don’t pander. And don’t show the same minority in all your photos; we see you. We notice when we see people that look like us and when we do we feel more welcome.”
Coleman also wants us to expand our definition of diversity beyond black people and women. She says, “It’s important to highlight women in the industry, but there are other groups in the brewing industry we should highlight as well. The brewing industry should work towards including people from all walks of life, whether they’re a person of color, gay, or transgender.”
Zuri Coleman has done some incredible work at Second Self in the short time she’s worked there, and she undoubtedly has more cool things up her sleeve.
Until then, make sure to stop into Second Self to try out one of their many great beers on tap. And hey, maybe Coleman will have a new one she came up with to pour.  

About guest writer Stephanie Grant
Stephanie Grant has had many loves in her life, but craft beer continues to capture her heart; she’s an Atlanta native who loves experiencing a new city's culinary and  craft beer scene. When she doesn't have her fingers on a keyboard, Stephanie's in the kitchen passionately experimenting with pairing food with ales and lagers. You can follow her beer adventures on Instagram at @shelovescraft

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Check me out kicking it with the Bitch Beer Podcast!

From left to right,’s Ashley Powers, Benjamin Guilbault, and Caroline King had me talking about a lot of fun shit. It was a dope time. Take a listen here!
(Photo taken by my bro Lamont.)

I have been so crazy on the go working on some major projects including one with New Belgium I am set to announce officially soon, plus deadlines of my articles due for, Lifestyle Publications,, and filming for ButterATL, so shit has been hectic. And then it occurred to me that I never posted this fun and increasingly popular podcast I was the feature guest for titled Beer Bitch
It was a humorous, yet often deep discussion about how I began my career, the craft beer scene’s need for more diversity, the roles of women, and other dopeness. And although this was recorded just prior to voting, the topics we covered will make this episode relevant for years to come. Having two women hosting—Caroline King and Ashley Powers alongside engineer Benjamin Guilbault—this podcast session (with a name I had to make sure was permissible to repeat) was truly a blast, and I wish it continued success.
By the way, this recording took place at one of my old stomping grounds, the original Hop City in West Midtown Atlanta; once we got setup, the sipping commenced followed by a very entertaining conversation. Check it out here! (Oh! And that project I mentioned in the first sentence is discussed a bit too in this episode.)


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It’s Three Taverns’ 5th Anniversary

It’s today at the brewery from 
12-10 pm featuring 40+ brews! 
The entire beer list is below.
Click here for info.
Let’s party!
One of the dopest breweries in not only Atlanta, but in the US is celebration numero cinco today!
I am a huge fan of Three Taverns and what they have accomplished since day one. I was there when they were pouring samples of the their launch beers including the legendary Night on Ponce IPA way back in the day. Well now it’s half a decade later and look where we are: 40-plus brews including some gangster bottles to bring home! I want to congratulate the homie, owner and brewmaster Brian Purcell, Nate, and the rest of the team that made Three Taverns what it is today!
Peep the tap list below which is simply bananas, plus my boy DJ Jamad is spinning all day. Hell to the yeah! See you there!

Here is what they are saying straight from the source:

We’re having our 5th Anniversary this Saturday at the brewery from 12-10p. We’d love to see you! And raise a glass w/you! And introduce you to some of our new beers! We’ll have 40+ beers on tap, food vendors, photo booth, a DJ, games, and general merriment will abound. For more information about the anniversary, including our tap list, check out our website.

It's been five incredible years of beer making here at Three Taverns and we’re celebrating in a big way! Join us on Saturday, November 17th, from 12p - 10p. We'll have 40+ beers on tap, a photobooth, music, food trucks, games, and several new beer releases available to-go.
Entry to the 5th anniversary party is $35 and includes: 6 full pour beer tickets (additional tickets can be purchased on site for $5/ticket), take home photobooth images, and a commemorative “5th Anniversary” glass (pictured). Presale tickets are now live via CraftCellr here and will also be available to purchase day-of at the brewery.

5th Anniversary Tap List
• Sour Asylum Draft Truck •
| A 5% raspberry sour
Lord Grey | A 5% Earl Grey tea sour
Enchantress | A 5% cranberry sauce sour with cinnamon and clove
Lord Fog | A 5% Earl Grey sour with lavender, vanilla, and lactose
Lazy Sonker | A 5% blueberry cobbler sour with vanilla and lactose
Rapturous Luxure | A 5% raspberry and cream sour with vanilla and lactose
Enchantress Luxure | A 5% cranberry sauce and cream sour with vanilla and lactose
Peach Luxure | A 5% peaches and cream sour with vanilla and lactose
Strawberry Luxure | A 5% strawberry and cream sour with vanilla and lactose
Cream Weaver | A 5% orange creamsicle sour with tangerine and lactose
Saporous | A 5% passion fruit, guava and cream sour with lactose
Pineapple Upside Down Luxure | A 5% pineapple and cream sour with lactose
Ume Gose | A 5% briny plum gose with sea salt
O’ lantern | A 5% natural pumpkin sour
Opulence | A 5% dry hopped sour w/Belma, Ariana, Huell Melon, and Amarillo

The Parlour Bar
A Night On Ponce IPA | A 7.5% American IPA
Passion On Ponce IPA | Night On Ponce with Passionfruit
Rowdy and Proud | A 6% American IPA
Rowdier and Proudier | A 9% DDH Double IPA
Prince of Pilsen | A 5% hoppy pilsner
Prince of Smoke | A 5% smoked malt pilsner
Three Eyes Blind | A 10% triple IPA
Ghost In You | A 6% hazy pale ale
Production Helles | A 4.5% helles or German-style pale lager
The Dunkel | A 4.5% Munich-style dunkel
Morning Smack | An 8% maple, bacon, and banana imperial coffee milk stout
Double Smack | A 12.5% BBA maple, bacon, banana imperial coffee milk stout
Midnight Snack | An 8% chocolate, cherry, and hazelnut imperial coffee milk stout
Mount Fang | A 12.5% BBA imperial milk stout
Scotch Barrel Helm’s Deep | A 13% Scotch barrel-aged imperial milk stout
Quasimodo | A 10% Belgian-style Quadrupel
Le Peche Mode 2018 | A 6% rustic peach saison
Bohemian Mistress | A 4.8% blackberry and mint open fermented Grisette ale
Tendril | A 4.6% kudzu and muscadine Gruit ale

• Funk Yard Bar •
Inceptus 2017 | A 6% BA Georgia wild ale
Inceptus Blueberry 2017 | A 6% Inceptus variant matured on blueberries
Titus | A 5% BA wild ale
Dominus | A 5% BA boysenberry and cedar dark wild ale
Fortunatus | A 5% BA mixed culture farmhouse ale
Saison Voss Kveik | A 6.5% BA rustic farmhouse ale
Total B.S. | A 6.9% BA brett saison
A Night on Brett | A 7.5% BA Belgian-style brett IPA
In addition to our regular to-go offerings we’ll also have the following new beer releases available to-go on the 17th:
Rowdier and Proudier (12oz/4 pack)
Available for presale now via CraftCellr.
Lazy Sonker (12oz/6 pack)
Available for presale now via CraftCellr.
5th Anniversary Ale (750ml)
12.5% Spiced Strong Ale that is a blend of 5 barrel-aged beers: Helm’s Deep, Mount Fang, Departed Spirit, BBA Dubbel Shot, and DBA Feest Noel. Aroma is full of herbal spiced notes and the flavor is complex with dark fruits, chocolate, and roasted coffee. Available for presale now via CraftCellr.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Here are some things poppin’ in ATL while the holiday season kicks off!

Ponce City Market is just one of the destinations hosting events to get us ready for the holidays. Read below for more activities, specials and events ATL has to offer.

Atlanta always have something going on especially during the holiday season. Starting on the 13th, it’s on! Here are some very cool events and ideas that pretty much involve pleasing your palate!



675 Ponce de Leon Ave.

Tues., Nov. 13 – “Gusto di Italia” Wine Tasting Series
Beginning tomorrow (November 13), Brezza Cucina's Beverage Director Don Pirone will host a wine tasting class the second Tuesday of every month focusing on a different region in Italy. Guests can enjoy an interactive learning and tasting experience centered around four wines from the restaurant's cultivated selection. Snacks will be served from Brezza Cucina's newly debuted Burrata & Raw Bar. Each class begins at 7pm and is $30 to attend, and reservations can be made by emailing and

Mon., Nov. 12, Dec. 10, Jan. 14 – Kids Pizza-Making Classes
Brezza Cucina is now offering Kids Pizza-Making Classes the second Monday of every month! The restaurant's culinary team will teach little chefs how to stretch pizza dough before they top pies themselves and watch as the pizzas bake in the restaurant's wood fire oven. Classes cost $25 per child, including a complimentary glass of wine for mom or dad, and are held from 5-7pm. Participation can be reserved by emailing and Upcoming classes will be held on November 12 (SOLD OUT), December 10, January 14, etc. on the second Monday of the month.


Ponce City Market & The Battery

On Nov. 15 at The Battery location, El Super Pan is hosting a special three-course dinner inspired by South American Parrillada flavors. The barbecue will feature perfectly seasoned and grilled cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and sausages, along with a variety of roasted vegetables, red wine and beer pairings from Chile and Argentina. The night will end on a sweet note with traditional desserts of flan and alfajores. Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased online.


1465 Howell Mill Rd NE

Sat., Nov. 17 - UrbanTree Friendsgiving
UrbanTree is hosting a special Friendsgiving event on Nov. 17, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Guests are invited to sip cider, purchase food from Low-Co Motion food truck, and take advantage of a 10% sale on bottles of cider to-go, the perfect fall drink for bringing to the Thanksgiving table.

Fri., Nov. 16 - Hand Picked Comedy
Hand Picked Comedy is back at UrbanTree! This month’s featured performers include Benton Hickerson, Laura Peek, and Olivia Cathcart, all hosted by Ian Aber. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.


S. Main Street, Alpharetta

Through Wed., Nov 21 - Holiday Cakes
South Main Kitchen’s coveted holiday cakes are now available! Made fresh to order by the restaurant’s pastry chef, the cakes are available in two varieties: Coconut Doberge, a vanilla bean cake with coconut German buttercream and flaked coconut and Double Dark Chocolate, a decadent dark chocolate cake made with bittersweet chocolate frosting and Maldon salt flakes.

South Main Kitchen’s holiday cakes can be pre-ordered at the restaurant or by calling (678) 691-4622 with pick-up through Wednesday, Nov. 21.


123 East Court Square (Decatur)

Celebrate the Holiday Season at The White Bull!
Whether you’re planning an office holiday celebration or a gathering with friends and family, The White Bull has you covered. Offering special lunch, dinner, and hors d’oeuvres menus for semi-private events, The White Bull will work with you to ensure your holiday celebration is a success. Lunch pricing begins at $35/person, and dinner begins at $55/person. Pricing varies for the hors d’oeuvre menu, which can be served at a cocktail-style reception or at table celebrations. See here for The White Bull’s event catering menu options and pricing, and to book an event, email

Don't miss wine concierge Kelly of A Cork in the Road and her beer-loving competitor as they pair one beer and one wine with each dish for an exclusive four-course dinner at The White Bull. Guests will select which beverage they think pairs best with each course, ultimately putting the “wine vs beer” debate to rest! A wine enthusiast and experienced tasting consultant, Kelly will help guests define their personal preferences in a fun, approachable way. Guests can expect to come away with a deepened understanding of the flavors, smells, and styles of wine and beer that they prefer most. Tickets can be purchased here for $65 per person.

Join The White Bull’s Beverage Director Matthew Scott as he traces the story of the cocktail. This event series provides attendees with a detailed history of our nation’s most memorable and iconic cocktail recipes, along with tastes of each throughout the lesson. Guests, who must be 21+ to attend, can choose their favorite concoction from the list and work with Matthew to recreate it for themselves.

This Saturday’s topic, “Prohibition in the Dark Ages” will be hosted on Saturday, Nov. 17 from 12:30-2:30pm. The lesson will cover the history of the American prohibition, and the well-known cocktail concoctions that developed as a result. Tickets are $55/person and can be purchased online here.

675 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE
Nov. 19-20 - Batter Cookie Dough Counter’s One-Year Anniversary
Celebrate one year of edible cookie dough with Batter at PCM! From Monday, Nov. 19 through Tuesday, Nov. 20, the shop will offer an anniversary special to all guests from 11am-9pm. Cookie dough lovers can purchase a scoop of cookie dough and receive a second scoop for 50% off!

Thanksgiving carbs are covered by Root Baking Co.! The newly opened shop inside Ponce City Market is now offering pre-orders for the holidays both online and in person. Selections include heirloom apple pie (made with apple-ginger filling and stone-milled flour crust), chocolate pecan pie, multigrain and sourdough breads, biscotti, lemon and chocolate shortbread cookies, and more. All Thanksgiving orders must be placed by Nov. 19.

Join Williams Sonoma at Ponce City Market for an exciting event celebrating the launch of The Final Table, a new global culinary competition series from Netflix. In the show, chefs from around the world face off as they attempt to master cuisines from nine different countries. While guests don’t have to compete for a title, they’ll get to experience a glimpse of the show brought to life in this special cooking class.
Inspired by the global array of dishes featured on The Final Table, this exciting event will take a deep dive into Spain’s diverse flavors with a special paella cooking demonstration along with additional recipes for guests to bring a special taste of Italy and Mexico back home with them, including Spaghetti al Limone, Chicken Tacos, and Guacamole. Tickets are $10 per person and include a live cooking demonstration and paella paired with cider from friends at Shacksbury Cider. Proceeds benefit No Kid Hungry in their fight against childhood hunger.


656 N. Highland Ave NE

Calling all Travel Channel fans! The television network will be at Sweet Auburn on Nov. 13 to film for their “Food Paradise” show from 12-2pm. Guests are invited to stop by for lunch for their chance to be featured on the show.

Wed., Nov. 28 - No-Shave November Night
Sponsored by The Shave Barbershop Atlanta, visit Sweet Auburn BBQ to support men’s health on Nov. 28. From 7-10pm, there will be prizes for unique beards, and all guests can enjoy food and drinks specials with raffle proceeds benefiting No-Shave November, an organization devoted to raising cancer awareness.
255 Ottley Drive

Now Available at Lake Burrito!
Local coffee roaster East Pole is now available at Lake Burrito, the Cumming, Georgia-based restaurant serving fresh Mexican cuisine! East Pole’s “Traffic” coffee blend is available on drip by the cup, with iced coffee served alongside the restaurant’s weekend breakfast menu of tacos, burritos, salads and more.


1317 Logan Circle NW

Just launched - #ThisIsMySecondSelf
Second Self has launched their #ThisIsMySecondSelf campaign, celebrating the side hustles and passions of the community. Inspired by their co-founders story of leaving desk jobs to brew beer, the brewery is asking people to use the hashtag for the chance to be featured on their social media and cheers with friends over free beers!

Now available - Junipa
Second Self has released its cold weather seasonal Junipa (6.4% ABV). A spruce beer inspired by gin, Junipa returns in 2018, featuring ingredients juniper and rosemary. The beer is now available on draft at Second Self’s taproom in Atlanta and on draft and in cans in bars and restaurants throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Cheer on the Falcons at Second Self! On Nov. 18, craft beer lovers are invited to the Westside taproom to watch the game. People’s BBQ will be onsite smoking a whole pig and preparing food for purchase, and guests can purchase plates for $15 or an all-you-can-eat option for $25, including side items. Anyone in Falcons gear will also receive a free beer during the game.

Fri., Nov. 23 - Black Friday Sale
Shoppers - include Second Self in your Black Friday route! On Nov. 23, each beer in the tasting room will be $3 and a food truck will be onsite with food for purchase.