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📽 Reel Talk: A Quiet Place: Day One 📽

Review by L.K. Byron 

 A Quiet Place: Day One snuck into theatres with a strong cast lead by Lupita Nyong’o—who plays Sam, an ailing hospice patient—propels us through another addition of the Quiet Place series. Now, New York City is under attack by an alien legion that viciously attack and kill anything that gives off even the slightest decibel of sound.

The story sprouts its legs when Sam reluctantly joins a patient field trip only after given the promise of a trip to her favorite pizzeria in the city. Unfortunately, this trip places the group in the heart of the city when the aliens decide it’s time to wreak havoc and destruction of the human race. After chaos ensues, Sam finds herself on a solo journey along with only the companionship of her therapeutic animal, a nifty cat named Frodo, to fight for what’s left of a life that has already been unfairly cut short. For her, and the other humans lucky enough to have survived the initial alien invasion strike, silence is crucially golden; their lives depend on it.

During their trying attempts to stay alive and silent, Sam comes across Eric, a traumatized law student [Joseph Quinn], and is begrudgingly forced to expand her escape tandem to a party of three. They must immediately become each other’s savior to ensure the best chance of escaping the city with their lives, but that’s easier said than done; they are severely outnumbered by the forces of evil salivating at the chance for their demise.  

A Quiet Place aims to please with adequate doses of suspense, action, drama, and humor. If you’re looking to be entertained with those previously stated factors in mind, your box office bucks should prove to be well spent. Just hope your fellow moviegoers stay as silent as parts of this movie are for the true viewing experience; this is when Quiet is the most nail biting.

Run Time: 99 minutes

Director: Michael Sarnoski

Screenplay by: Michael Sarnoski



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