Friday, July 8, 2011

On-Ice Beer Dispenser for the house? Yep!

Straight Chillin'!

I just heard about this dispenser that guarantees ice cold beer with ever pour in the comfort of your own homeor office (I won't tell anyone). Anyway, the innovative people at have launched this gadget that has an acryllic cylinder to hold ice in the center, chill the brew surrounding it and, most importantly, not watering down your already watery light beer (unless you bought the good stuff!).
Truthfully, since beer snobs like myself usually drink ales that have to be on the cool side rather than the polar bear weather most lagers demand, I probably won't dish out the loot-$44.95. Regardless, I dig the idea for those pilsner lovers. Now if only there was a damn pro basketball or football game we could watch and truly utilize this!

Well at least college kids are not locked out. 

Here is their official description:

On-Ice Mixed Drink and Beer Dispenser Details

Lets face it, running to the keg or ice-box in the middle of the big game is a hassle (you never know what you'll miss) and your wife isn't very well going to let you park your cooler in the middle of the living room. Presenting the solution to warm beers and frequent trips to the ice box! This brilliant beer dispenser keeps 80oz of your favorite brew or drink at a finger’s touch away and ice cold in it's separate beer tower compartment without diluting the flavor! Great for game-days, restaurants, or outdoor entertaining; with it's polished, chrome plated base, and a non-diluting ice chamber, this acrylic beer dispenser is practical and perfect for chilling and pouring up ice-cold ales, liquors, white wine, mixed drinks, or shots! Simply fill the interior chamber with ice, the exterior with your favorite libations, and enjoy a delicious, undiluted drink! On-Ice beer dispenser measures 20½”x7” and has a 5¾” clearance from table to spout.

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