Friday, September 30, 2011

TGIF! Party with me at Der Biergarten!!!!

Oktoberfest Tweet Up, my website’s anniversary, beer, free stuff and you!

So I am coming in from Vancouver after test driving the banging new Range Rover Evoque (which is going to seriously change the auto game in 2012), but I had to make sure my flight was booked super early so that I can make it back for bash my homegirl Wendy ( and I are throwing with the good people at Der Biergarten tonight, Friday, right after work! From 6 pm to 8, we are gettin' down and putting glass boots filled with beer up on 300 Marietta St. next to STATS!

That’s right, in the spirit of Oktoberfest, Twitter, and simply celebrating Friday, it’s on! Oh yeah, I forgot something: it’s’s birthday and I am giving every single one of you cyber dap (pound, fist bump, whatever…) for supporting me from the very beginning. It has been an awesome road and I am ready to celebrate with y’all hardcore! I will be doing a “Best Of” for my site next week, but for now, let’s blow out the candles and rave to an oompah band, stuff your face with some free grub, get a free t-shirt and try your luck at winning a VIP ticket to the off-the-chain beer festival going on the next day, HOToberfest!

Entry is free, the party is early and work is over, so why the hell wouldn’t you come??? Plus they have new brew on the taps they want us to try?! Shooooooooooot!

Let’s do it! See you there! Wish your main man a safe flight, that it gets in on time and overall a happy birthday to one year of!



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