Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's Dance! Sunday Sales pass!

Now beer runs on Sunday are a reality!

We did it! Freedom is ours for the least when it comes to us voting on the right to buy wine, spirits and in my case, good ass beer on Sundays in Georgia! No more rushing to one of my favorite beer spots to get a quality six-pack of sipping goodness. I can now relive my days at Cornell University when a game's halftime gave me literally 15 minutes to head to the store and back to replenish the suds my unexpected homies came by to consume. (Trust me, they pitched in for it. I was a college student, not the Fresh Prince!)
SB 10 passed in pretty much every county except for one or two, which is fine with me; just so my spots are open. Although my homegirl Vee at Green's realized she might have to work on Sundays and threatened my existence due to my role in getting the law passed, she said she still has love for me in the long run. Whew! She looked serious at first.
Anyway, it turns out my district (pretty much Downtown ATL and the rest of Fulton) won't let us buy until New Year's Day which leave the end of the playoffs and Super Bowl for me, but districts like Dunwoody and Sandy Springs could be pulling the trigger a lot faster; like almost two weeks from now faster! Here is a pretty good article by Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Johnny Edwards and television news clip breaking down when the law will actually kick in:

I loved this quote from Snellvile Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer about his son, who said:

“My son said Jack Daniels is the most popular politician in Snellville.”

And I hated this one by Forest Park Mayor Corine Deyton: 

"That's the Lord's day, in my opinion," said Deyton, a Sunday school teacher whose son is a Baptist music minister. "If you can't do without alcohol one day a week, there's something bad wrong with you."

First of all, there's nothing wrong with me. You don't want it, don't buy it! Second, everyday is the Lord's day for Brother Ale. Plus, some people have Saturday as their "Lord's day" so nyyyah!

Anyway, pat yourselves on the back, Georgia, and let's continue to get our opinions heard and get rid of that old school b.s. that continues to hate on our rights! There is surely of list of laws left that will make us want to stick it to the man even more! 

Now celebrate! Enter Kool and the Gang video here:


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